Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Sagittarius September 2014
If you are a late degree Ascendant please see the next sign which would cover most of  your 1st house for accurate transits in your case, please see Capricorn as well.

You are truly experiencing a complete make over and the opportunity to release any deep rooted insecurities or fears that may be holding you back is waiting at your door step. This month is big for you let alone the Next 2 years. You are in stages of development and they are very drastic and quite powerful. You have had your Water houses overflowing with energy. Water rules over emotions and it may seem as if you just fell into a pool of confusing emotions yet a "knowing "of great possibilities around the corner.  Just as well there will be many moments of clarity and deep insights that will become readily available to you as the month progresses.  

With Neptune retrograde in your house of Home, Roots, Family and heritage there are many new developments taking place Many of which you may not notice entirely at first. Things may seem to be murky around these areas, and new discoveries about yourself are coming to the surface. This is a very sensitive water house and point in one's chart. Whether we are proud of our "Perfect Families" and showing our more compassionate side when it comes to them or we are disappointed  Neptune has lifted his veil of any self delusion or yearnings we have in this area. New family developments are likely to come up and if these developments are negative you will have a chance to clear them away, since Neptune is about new beginnings, once he washes away the old you will be a much freer person. You are in a coming out stage, so at the moment enjoy the dream-time at home, and work on clearing away all the clutter and come clean with yourself, about who this new you will be.

The Big news's this month is Pluto's direct motion, he's been back tracking for the past 6 months and in retrograde motion, he seems to be more relaxed to some or more intense to others, it depends on what he's doing in your chart. However,  It's important that you prepare now for his direct Motion on the 17th of this month. When Pluto goes direct he will be in your 2nd house of money, self esteem, and personal values. So expect your income to kick up a notch. Start planning now on ways in which you can re-do or create any plans to increase your income, when Pluto goes direct you can expect  to receive your results. You will be feeling much more worth what you charge allowing more money to come as a result.

Ask yourself, What are you worth? Are you getting what your worth? When Pluto goes direct the fire burns passionately, in this areas and you are more apt to ask for what you want. On the 17th you will be ready to go get it. As Pluto gives you the drive and ambition to go for it, along with the tenacity and fearlessness to really make some financial headway. 

Although Neptune is nothing of a realist you are going to have to fight your way through and become one anyway. With Saturn's Move, into your Sign,will help with this! it truly is a time to get real, get focused, cut out any bad habits you have been meaning to. You won't have time for nonsense anymore, and people that have been sucking up your time, you won't have it anymore. This time is all about you, and if you are wise you will use this time to advance and further yourself in your goals. Whatever, you began about 7 years ago, is going to come back up for you to finish if you have not already. Saturn's transit through your first will make you take responsibility and you will make much progress. It is important you indulge in extra calcium Saturn takes his toll on you physical body, and low calcium if often a result which may cause bone, or skeletal issues. However, it's a great time, to take care of your body, so start a new health regime. You will be feeling a lot more serious than your usual flagrant self, it's ok it's part of the growing up phase this transit ignites. 

Mars will be making his way out of your 12th and into your 1st, which is fabulous for accomplishing goals because you are feeling much more confident, and also energetic. You are more likely to push your goals forward at this time, to plan what it is you wish to accomplish.

Venus will be moving into your 10th house of fame, public, career, or honors and this means that you will be in the spotlight all month. This is excellent for career, you may get the recognition this month that you deserve. Either way you can expect benefits in career, some of you will get promoted, and those that are in business for themselves you can expect extra income and more clients. It is also a great time to get out and mingle, you will be receiving extra attention from others, and might be some good business prospects. Work will be enjoyable and you will get along much better with superiors and co-workers alike.

There is  a fabulous trine this month between Jupiter and Uranus which will most of us a lucky streak! For you it will be happening within your 9th and 5th house. This is excellent news indicating a creative project with international appeal. Perhaps you have been working on something that may hear news about being published, whatever it is it will come out of nowhere and is likely to be quite big. 

This month is a kick start to the rest of the year, your energy will be higher, than it has been and you will be able to accomplish much more.

It's a great month to pursue your career goals, get out in the public and go after what you want!

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