Sunday, November 17, 2013


Venus opposition Moon 

You often experience conflict in relationships even though you try very hard to please others. Most often other's will doubt your sincerity because the conflict lies between giving to others and giving to yourself. You can come across materialistic, even though you try to show that your not. You are very sensitive to others approval, When you expect too much from those you are close to, you are often disappointed. As a substitute for emotional satisfaction, you are somewhat self-indulgent. You display a weakness for comforts and luxuries. Your money conditions can cause problems if not carefully controlled. Sexual excesses can be a product of your feelings of being unloved.

Venus opposition Mars 

The opposition between Venus and Mars suggests that your emotional nature must be controlled if you expect to have a lasting romantic relationship. There is a good deal of conflict between yourself and your partners. You'll have to learn to control temperament swings going from loving to being irritated and angry. Often this aspect shows disloyalty and a lack of faithfulness in the partner. It's very important for you to learn cooperation and compromise. It is also essential for you to select a partner with whom you have many interests in common. You must guard against a tendency to be drawn to individuals with whom the only common ground is physical.

Venus opposition Jupiter 

The opposition formed between Venus and Jupiter is an aspect that must be dealt with by people who have had too much given to them. The aspect suggests vanity, idleness or a degree of over-emotional behavior. It may be that you have many love affairs. You may be inclined toward involvement in meaningless social activities and the collecting of unneeded luxuries. You can be so optimistic and friendly when everything is going well, but then become touchy and moody when something is wrong. You may take too much for granted in personal relations as Jupiter is the planet of excesses. Sometimes marital problems of the sort caused by differences in religious beliefs or deep-rooted philosophical differences can occur in the marriage.

Venus opposition Saturn 

The opposition between Venus and Saturn shows emotional frustrations., this is a rather somber and perhaps even depressing aspect as the harshness of Saturn weighs heavily on all things Venus such as happiness, harmonious relationships, artistic endeavors, and financial security. You may look at your accomplishments with continuous dissatisfaction, underestimating your self-worth. You may not have received the encouragement that you needed when you were younger, and you tend to shy away from competition because of a resulting lack of confidence. You may have to make concessions to others to maintain normal relations. Often you wonder if it's really worth the effort. Avoid a tendency to undervalue yourself and your ability to make a worthwhile contribution. The development of a positive attitude can be your most valuable asset.

Venus opposition Uranus 

There is an opposition formed between Venus and Uranus in your chart. This aspect can cause you to be somewhat emotionally unstable. You express yourself with intensity in relationships, but a rebel attitude makes prolonged associations difficult and sudden breaks possible. You need all types of exotic experiences, with little concern for potential consequences. You depend on your bright and witty charm to carry you to success in your job. Dealing with people may be your forte, yet sometimes you may alienate your closest friends.

Venus opposition Neptune 

The opposition between Venus and Neptune shows emotions and affections are strongly influenced by unconscious forces. This aspect blurs aesthetic, social, romantic and sexual perceptions. In matters of marriage, social life, and artistic creativity, your unconscious desires generate wishful thinking and a distorted perception of reality. Social relationships are apt to be somewhat undermined. There is a tendency toward self-indulgence in this aspect, and you can be especially susceptible to drugs and alcohol should you wander astray. There can be much confusion in sexual matters. Emotionalism and self-delusion may cloud judgment.

Venus opposition Pluto 

The opposition between Venus and Pluto predisposes you to becoming involved in highly emotional and sexual relationships. Problems in this vein are encountered because of your very passionate nature. You frequently attract the wrong kind of partners. Marriage problems occur because of your dictatorial attitude toward your partner or vice versa Attempts to remake the partner rather than compromising causes constant friction. In your business relationships, you face extreme challenges and competition.

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