Sunday, January 5, 2014

Natal Sun Aspects

Sun conjunct Square or Opposite Moon

You're ego and your emotional self-are aligned with each other, which allows you to express your inner nature easily and honestly. You have the ability to emotionally understand the opposite sex, and can often not only relate but can sense what it is they need. You can be an emotional speaker, that can have quite the effect on your audience since you more than likely know, what it is they want to hear. Your parents were more than likely very in love with each other, and their feelings of love were passed down to you. Both of your parents were also likely to be heavily involved with your upbringing and taught you how to have a balanced male and female relationship. You are cordial, humorous, and quite the charmer.

Sun Conjunct Square or Opposite Mercury

You are a proud speaker, and never hold back on something that should be said. You want to be recognized for your communication abilities. You are well versed and learned, and are comfortable speaking about a multitude of interests. You have a wide range of knowledge in most subjects and can be the quite the conversationalist. Be Careful not to dominate conversations, and learn to pause to let other's respond. You have a tendency to talk a lot and may often cut other's off in their response. 

Sun Conjunct Square or Opposite Venus

You are a bright pretty rose, all eyes on you graced with all your charm and beauty. You are warm, sensual, smart, and charismatic! You can charm the birds out of the trees with your smile, and you carry yourself, with class and finesse. You are more than likely a fashionable dresser, with a unique flair that everyone admires. Even if you are not necessarily a fashion vista, there is something about your style that attracts admirers of both sexes.You are peace loving and try to avoid confrontations at all costs, unless you have other hard aspects to your Sun, moon or Venus.

Sun Conjunct Square or Opposite Mars

 You have an abundance of energy and are able to conquer most tasks set before you. You can be aggressive when you really want something.You are energetic, vibrant and probably quick to speak, and walk with a sense of urgency. Patience is something you may have to learn since you usually demand things be done in a hurry.You can be confrontational or at least mildly argumentative, not necessarily on purpose, it's mostly impatience that causes your aggravation. Once you put your mind to something you typically follow through to the end. You are very healthy and strong for the most part, and rarely get sick but when you do, you recover rather quickly.

Sun Conjunct Square or Opposite Jupiter

You are expansive, entertaining and probably, love to travel. Philosophy may be one of your favorite past times, aside from learning and exploring life, you are grounded in some kind of faith that things will always work out. Luck surrounds you and people find you to be a breath of fresh air. In terms of your health and body and unless there are other factors involved to block the benefits, Jupiter here will provide you with physical protection and strong health. People enjoy being in your company because you are uplifting, encouraging, and fun to be around.

Sun Conjunct Square or Opposite Saturn

You are very aware of the way to come off to others and are usually very composed. You come across serious, contained and can be quite hard on not only yourself but others. Tried and true methods appeal to you and you tend to think about matters from a conservative perspective. You are a diligent worker, and your self-esteem is connected to your place in the world. You  care very much what other's think of you, and always put your best foot forward. You can be somber from time to time so it's important you try to stay positive. Humor is something you should learn to incorporate in your associations, to keep things from getting too heavy. You will more than likely be respected in your group associates, business, and friendships. You're father was more than likely a man that believed in hard work and structure, you may have had a strict upbringing, where the expectations that were set for you were high and love and affection were given, based on this high criterion of expectations. You can be very judgmental of others, but also very critical of yourself. You should learn to lighten up a bit because the stress that comes from worrying is very hard on your body. You may experience stress related issues if you don't learn to let things go from time to time.

Sun Conjunct Square or Opposite Uranus

You have a streak of genius in you, and like to do things your own way. No one can tell you what to do because you will probably react with doing quite the opposite. You are unruly, unique and always up to defend the underdog. You accept other's for the uniqueness which makes you usually have a wide variety of associations. You are different because you cannot stand to be the same. Your need for difference pushes you to be uniquely creative, and you are likely to come up with new and efficient ways to do things. You are very unconventional and love it. You need variety and mental stimulation to keep you happy. In love, you require freedom to be yourself but you also respect other's freedom to be them. You are attracted to rare and unusually things.

Sun Conjunct Square or Opposite Pluto

You have tremendous willpower to overcome most obstacles that others would find impossible. Secrecy is very important to you, and you can be dominating with other's. You face life's challenges with a fierce deposition, and don't let much stop you from reaching your goals in life. Early in life there will be many challenges that seem to be working against you, only making you stronger and more forceful to get your way. You believe the power is in yourself to change your life, and you are often re-born through extreme experience. You demand respect when you walk in a room and are the one most likely to succeed when it comes to life's challenges. There is not much that you are afraid of except for exposure of your insecurities, which you will go to many extents not to show. You can be vindictive when wronged, and resist any attempt of anyone to tell you what to do.

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