Saturday, July 20, 2013

Planetary Cocktails- Neptune Uranus blend

I immediately think of the Egyptian Goddess Isis when it comes to blending planetary energy. It was Isis understanding of this that made her so great. She could see the big picture and believed in unification, and love for all.  She was often seen among the downtrodden, sick and sinners, as well as the noble and wealthy, she was deeply versatile and compassionate. She was also known as the protector of the dead and mother of all children. Isis had penetrating insights into the cosmic balance of energies, and how to create with them. It is ironic that her asteroid discovery chart indicated Neptune Uranus energy prominent.

The mythology of Isis is quite astonishing. Isis was known for scouring the earth for the torn apart pieces of her dead husband and brother Osiris, after his brother set, got jealous and dismembered him and scattered his body parts across Egypt, to ensure Isis would never bring him back. This angered Isis, and, of course, broke her heart, but she did not give up, her determination is to be deeply respected and admired. Isis's love for her husband, is beyond clear, when she did not accept his death and continued to search the earth for his broken body parts, she found all the pieces but one, his phallus. Isis pieced him back together, breathed life into him and magically conjured up the missing phallus and birthed a child with him. In astrology, she represents magic, the guardian of the dead, the mother of children, but also the ability to solve puzzles, and piece things together. She had the universal big picture knowledge of how things worked, the skill and ability to conceptualize abstract processes, mend together, and blend totally different concepts into one, along with the determination and passion to see it through.

Keywords for Isis:
Collect, assemble, accumulate, unite, compile, jigsaw, seeing a whole in a sum of parts, piece together, faithfulness, relentless determination, faithfulness, mother of all.

Carl Jung had Isis in the 10th house in Scorpio. We know that he made a career out of piecing together the archetypal dream images from the deep unconscious as a psychiatrist; trying to understand the whole from the sum of parts.

You will find many people who have strong insights into patch working, whether conceptual or other, have Isis prominent in their chart. In Isis discovery chart, the primary energy is that between, Uranus (innovative, humane) Neptune(compassion) but also her dedication was that of Pluto, which I found was the era in which she lived, the Era of Scorpio.

Which brings me to the Neptune-Uranus Energy. This blend brings penetrating insights on how to bring the mass consciousness ( Neptune) innovative ways to care for the masses of every level, universal love, love of the underdogs, and downtrodden ( Uranus). 

Interestingly enough, I went back through my notes on the Goddesses and was looking at their asteroids, discovery charts. Turns out for the Egyptian goddess Isis, her discovery chart, indicates a strong Neptune, Uranus, moon trine. Thinking of Neptune's association with compassion for the needy and Uranus's desire to accept the strange and unusual, love all of humanity along with big picture thinking and intelligence would define her well. Uranus-Neptune is also responsible for Psychic phenomena, prophetic dreaming, and magic, which she is also known for. She was able to see large concepts, mend them together, breathe life into them, and therefore, created.

Isis was talented in complex puzzles and pulling from many different sources, energies and parts to make a greater whole. This is how the blending of Uranus/Neptune/Pluto energy would be best used. You may find that you have talents in this area, and you just need to find the area in your life of interest to apply to. If you have Neptune and Uranus in aspect, check the houses for a clue as to where you can apply this energy in the best possible form. Isis had Neptune, Uranus, Moon, while residing in the time of Scorpio or pluto ruled, this would completely explain her deep passionate love for all, and her ability to create life out of abstract concepts, piecing, or unifying together and her deep compassion, along with her relentless determination.


  1. Love this!!

    I've got Isis in my 1st, widely conjunct my Pluto/Uranus conjunction and is sextile my Neptune. Uranus and Neptune are widely sextile.

  2. I did not see your reply to me on the Neptune post until after I read and replied to this one.

    I have for as long as I can remember been fasinated with Egyptian godesses and queens. I added CeraIsis to my longtime online name of MsFullroller after learning more about Isis and finding out that she was in my 1st house. Ironically this was during the midlife transits of Saturn to natal Saturn opposition, Uranus to natal Uranus opposition. These transits were conjuncting and opposing natal Isis.

    She also opposes my Pallas within the allowable orb of 1 degree for asteroids. In addtion she opposes my Saturn/Mercury/Chiron conjunction, and semi-sextiles my 12th house Moon. My SN is in Scorpio.

  3. Love it! I had a feeling you had her prominent!:) Pluto Uranus conjunction sextile Neptune, there you go:)