Tuesday, July 16, 2013


6a00d83451d62469e2016767b786d2970b-800wi (800×890)Neptune the planet of illusions, delusions, idealism, dreams, spiritualism, sacrifice, service and higher love, can be a dream come true or a web of total and utter confusion.

When Neptune transits the 4th house strange occurrences in the home are very likely. Neptune rules water, and gas so, you can expect these things to act up in or around your home. Water leaks, issues with water pressure and or gas problems are likely on the onset. If you are looking to buy a house at this time, it is very important that you check for any potential water or gas problems. Murphy's law applies if it can happen it will. 

It is also possible that you need to take care of someone ill, or the person you are living with a roommate, partner, or family member or even a pet may fall ill, or require special attention in which you may be asked to help or make sacrifices with your time and assistance or be very understanding.  

On another level for some this is a highly spiritual time where powerful spiritual experiences happen, it is a good time to retreat and explore your spirituality and beliefs.

Neptune often requires sacrifice or compassion so another effect can be annoying or disturbing neighbors, that require patience.

Issues can surface within the family, secrets uncovered, lies, deception or simply a family member might need more of your time or assistance. Home is a place in which you may not want to make your most important decisions, but you also will be very satisfied staying in. Some experience paranormal activity, I never had it happen, although I did have some very powerful spiritual dreams. 

There may be confusion and misunderstandings in the home, Neptune likes to confuse things, it's not so easy hearing and understanding under water, which is what this transit can feel like. However, this transit will be like a getaway from it all, your own personal space will be your happiness.