Sunday, December 2, 2012

The most Accurate Astrology Reports

Everyone is unique and no aspect translates the same for everyone. Yes, there are basic fundamentals of how a aspect can play out, but the whole chart always needs to be taken into consideration. If you try googling the aspects you will find many interpretations, some copied from other sources and some unique to there experience. Regardless you will notice that not all the aspects play out the same, and that some of them are more enhanced then others even negating the others

 When you get a computerized report none of this information is taken into consideration, as a matter of fact you can google the aspects and make your own computerized report,but you will find it also holds very contradictory information.

Unless a Astrologer has made their own software program with their very own personalized, interpretations you are not likely to get anything unique or different from any of the online reports you order. 

This is because many are using the same software or very similar software. Unless they specifically say "the report is analyzed by a real astrologer", then  you are likely to purchase a typical computerized astrology report.

You can get your chart for free with computerized  interpretations for free, from  and can even google the aspects after, to make the same report. 

The appeal of Computerized Reports is that they are automatically generated which means you can access them instantly. This is excellent for someone that needs to have the basic aspect information or to view there chart but it won't will be very contradictory, confusing, and inaccurate. Of course there may be some truths but not the whole truth.

Many that have already experienced the computerized reports already know this information, this is just to help others be aware and to make a educated choice.

There are many good astrologers out there, that are willing to put in the time for their clients to provide them with the best readings. You will need to do the work to find out who these are, I guess by whom you connect with in their writings would be a good start.

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  1. You are absolutely correct. I have purchased many different reports and they are all very general and even very incorrect. I was told in a relationship report with my 4 year boyfriend, that we were going to fight all the time, and it may even get violent. My boyfriend and I are anything but argumentative as a matter of fact we are unbelievably sweet to each other and have never had a fight. If I were to go off that report to make my decision about not to pursue a relationship with him, it would have been very unfortunate. Others I have gotten had one line say, you will disagree on almost everything, then litterally below it, it said, we will gloss over all our problems and never fight. It's actually not either of those, we discuss everything. Finally after many different reports all confusing me more I finally looked up the Best Astrologers I think in google, and picked one that said it was Not Computer Generated, low and behold, it was so much more accurate, it did take about 5 days to get it which is hard when your excited but I won't do computer generated anymore, but I only order a couple of times a year because so much is covered in the analyzed one's. I wish i would have found your post a long time ago. I will be ordering your "Life Path, Karma" one because that's my focus for this year, getting my life in line, with what I am here to do. I really enjoy your blog, I think it's very unique and your tremendous knowledge is obvious. Thanks very much for your efforts and enlightenment!