Saturday, June 16, 2012


megan_fox_2012-HD.jpg (1920×1080)
Megan Fox has Jupiter in her 5th house
Well, if you are lucky enough to have the benefactor planet of good fortune, expansion and good will hosting your house of love, romance, children, games, gambling or just fun! You will be having a good time most of your life! Love comes easy, and quite frankly you just can't get enough. You need love and romance more than most but you also give it. You will have a satisfying and fulfilling love life with this aspect. You may have problems settling down with just one! Although if you meet the right one, You're love nature will remain consistent and alive with your one true love. You tend to be lucky when it comes to gambling and probably love children and want quite a few of your own. You are a lover of fun and fun loves you! People with jupiter in the 5th house tend to live there life in leisure as much as they can. They can be very creative  and are likely in some form of creative work.  This person is a lover of the many, a gambler, risk taker, and a childlike mentality that they just can never get enough. The 5th house is ruled by Leo which rules the heart. These people tend to have big hearts! If you want to lock them down, you will need to keep up and stay fun! Keep them feeling alive and like children and they in return will keep you feeling like the "prettiest rose" around. Jupiter in the 5th house adds a highly desirable beauty or sex appeal that others fall in love with almost instantly! This placement does not make you unfaithful but it does make it hard for you to commit, with so many options! It also adds a zest to life that is contagious!
hugh-hefner.gif (298×395)
Hugh Hefner also has Jupiter in the 5th house


  1. I have the same rising sign&venus with Megan Fox.Also my jupiter is in my 5th house and the only aspect that my saturn has with my personal planets is a sextile with venus,is that bad?:x

  2. Love your blog !!! I have both Jupiter and sun in the 5th house so accurate!!! Also can you do one on sun in 5th house thanks