Saturday, May 12, 2012


The 12th house - The house of Pisces and the Planet Neptune

Keywords: Hidden, self-undoing, merging, dreams, delusions, blending away,  fog, unclear, uncertain, depth, mystery, trickery, prisons, institutions, hospitals, asylums, secrets, spirituality, spirit world, psychic, intuition, consolidate, integrate, the unknown, murky, mythical, nebulous, fantasy, the unconscious mind, subconscious, non-translucent, vaporous, cryptic, ambiguous, the obscure.

In synastry, the 12th house is a tricky place for it can leave one feeling confused, lost, delusional or positively highly spiritual. 

Planets placed here lack definition and focus; the general energy of the planet is dispersed into an indefinite milky, dissolvent that blurs and undefines the planet energy. You are unclear in this house which is why the possibility of deception is very possible, and in many cases; self-deception. Mercury being 'the mind' thinking, logical and tangible proof, fares poorly here, there is no clarity. This is the house of no boundaries, letting go, the spirit, it's fluid in nature and has great difficulty, expressing earth like energies, since this is the house of the otherworldly.

In synastry when a person has their Mercury (conscious mind) in your 12th house (unconscious mind), it can be a confusing and unsettling placement for both parties. This can cause major confusion in the communication between partners. The perplexing conversations this position ignites often leaves one or both parties uncertain of the other's intentions. The odd feeling of uncertainty causes all sorts of illusions or feelings thereof. Paranoia is common, something just doesn't feel right. Whether or not these inklings are accurate or not really depends on the personal natures of the people involved. If one or the other person is a "deceptive person" than deception is likely or at least very possible. You would need to look at the individual charts of the parties involved for signs of this and also the composite. It is important to seek the truth and not get lost in the smoke and mirrors. It is also important that you communicate with each other as best and honestly as possible. Separate the fact from illusion. Don't sabotage and bring to fruition the very nature of your paranoia by making accusations that are not there as well. Caution does need to be implemented, however, because this person has a key to your backdoor. They will know things about you that you may not have known yourself, they have access to your unconscious mind. 

On the flipside, If this is a good person you are in luck! They will help you in ways that other people can not. They point out things about you that are positive as well that you were unaware of. They can see your hidden talents and are likely to support you in bringing them out. They can even sense what you're thinking almost telepathically. Although the signals can be confusing, so it helps if they both have some Neptune aspects in their own natal chart to be familiar with the energy, if not- signals can be misread. The 12th house is a psychic house as well.

This person can also come in a form of a spiritual messenger  or guru that has a message that is very important to you. They can help you understand yourself better than you ever thought possible. This is because they pick up on our unconscious, things that we are unaware of.

Assuming most people are generally good, with this placement, you can have one of the deepest spiritual experiences of your life. The depth of understanding you have of each other is as if you are on the same spiritual plane together. You will feel a merging of the minds which can lead to some out of this world bonding. This can be a very fulfilling experience a romance where you have a behind the scenes look into each others unconscious. 

The complex 12th house is where things go to dissolve, end and or merge with one another. The placement can cause illusion and misunderstandings as well, you need to be clear in your expression to each other since doubt looms large. 

As the mercury person strives for clarity with the house person, you will find them asking many questions, especially asking the house person "Why?" frequently. 

In synastry, clear communication is very important for the couple to develop and yet "clear" is not something the 12th house provides.The house person may "think" they understand the mercury person better than they actually do  but because of the obscurity of this placement it's hard to tell, that if what you "think" you understand is actual "what it is". Mercury has great insights into your psychological closet and you will be amazed at the things they pick up. 

The real downside to this position is that it causes much confusion and needs to be handled with deep awareness.  
Trust is a huge issue with this placement because of the vagueness of this house. Just keep in mind the possibility of seeing negative when there is none is high and well as the negative being true.That's what makes this placement so tricky. 

The key to handling this placement is that both individuals need to spell things out clearly, listen closely, ask questions and be extremely honest with each other. This has potential to be a very close spiritual bond like no other dream like and all, where both parties have a deep understanding of each other and explore the realms of the spiritual world together living in another world of their own. 



  1. This one in particular took my breath away. A loved one has his mercury in my 12th; there was a time when paranoia, mistrust and miscommunication defined all our interactions. Then there were times when I could tell he could see straight through my fog when I couldn't. So glad to have read this; we are both healing from intimate wounds, and knowing more about this tricky dynamic will help us be much better friends.

    1. Oh yes, the enigmatic 12th house, I completely understand what you say and have experienced it myself with Mercury (twice) one was very painful and the other ironically, highly rewarding( although still there was much confusion) sigh. But I love this house it holds many secrets, we just need to be cautious as to whom we let in this house. I am happy to hear you have promoted healing through better understanding and have been able to remain friends.Thank you for sharing:)

  2. Would this placement be easier if the 12th house person has moon in Scorpio Nataly? Would there be less dilusion and mistrust?

    1. Perhaps if the Moon was in the 12th house yes, but typically things are hidden in this house, unknown, undiscovered or unconscious. The main thing is to communicate clearly, there is a tendency to withhold, or not address things directly with this house which makes for a lot of assumptions, accusations and just plain misunderstandings.