This is for Beginners only not for intermediate or advanced. I also offer online classes, group or one-on-one which are guaranteed to teach you how to truly understand Astrology. See the following link for more Astrology Classes.

So your just getting started eh? You have a burning desire to know more? Well, Welcome to the great world of Astrology! Lucky you! You are on your way to creating that charmed life, you have always wanted. You will now be aware of many things you were not previously and are being given the opportunity to change fate. Long story on that one but check out my fate vs freewill post for more. But for now, understanding Astrology is a gift and will allow you to gain control by knowing yourself and then direct the energy and manifest the life you want.Yes, it's really that good!

Astrology shows us so much and helps us understand why certain things happen, and what we can do to avoid the bad and take advantage of the good! Understanding Astrology will help anyone that takes its messages seriously... learn about their potentials and potential pitfalls..yep it's all there.

But one must make the necessary change for better relationships... to find true love.. or land that perfect job. Regardless of "what it is" that you are in search of? Astrology... will provide you, with those "answers" but will also show "you" what needs to be done to improve any situation.

"We can't move the stars, but we most certainly can make choices that prevent the karma attached". With knowledge of Astrology, we can take "conscious responsibility" of ourselves, and our lives' which will, in turn, allow us to avoid many of the Karmic traps, that work against us. It's not a magic pill, but it's close enough if you use it to guide you. I am very happy you have decided to take control of your life rather than live at the hands of fate.

To begin with, you most certainly need to get your birth chart ( Natal Chart) you need your birth-time to get the most out of it. 

You can go to and set up a account to create your natal chart.

Now you can print it to use it to help you understand as we go along. Your natal chart is an imprint of your personality, and much more, which you will learn as you go along.

My Astro Classes are designed for you to learn, how you learn best and personal one-on-one.

One fun fact before we move on to the free course. Astrology truly is never ending and a constant learning experience, so you will eventually likely become an addict.

Having your own chart read will help you understand what it all means from a personal standpoint. You can compare the aspects and the interpretations to your core essence, allowing a deeper understanding that is truly priceless on your quest to learning astrology. If you would like to see my options for readings, visit my REPORTS  page.... 

For now, let's get you started on understanding how Astrology works and the meanings, symbolism's, and all the many components of Astrology.

To get you off to the best start, I wrote out this course in the simplest terms and that is very easy to understand, allowing you to pick it up quickly. It's best if you follow through on all the below links, once you are finished you will understand enough to read your own chart which is a fabulous start!

  1. Introduction to Astrology 101
  2. What it all means: sun, moon, ascendant
  3. The Glyphs: Signs, Planets and Aspects
  4. Planet House Rulerships
  5. Born of the universe (Video)
  6. What Astrology can do ( Video) 
  7. What the planets Represent
  8. The House Types
  9. Angular houses
  10. Succeedent Houses
  11. New) Variables of the Aspects ( Important)
  12. Planets, Signs, Houses Key words
  13. Retrograde Planets by Transit and Natal


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