Sunday, March 6, 2016

Phone Consultations

Phone Consultations are available by telephone/Google Hangouts/ google voice/skype for international clients.consults. All consultations can be recorded and emailed to you for listening at a later time.

My consultations are in-depth, high powered and illuminating, you will be very happy you chose to do so. I look forward to meeting you and bringing you the insights you are looking for!

Phone Consultation Hours.

Monday through Sunday  8:00 am - 10:00 PM Pacific Standard time extended hours for international clients. Same day appointments available if requested and based on volume. 
                                                   Prices For Recorded Consultations

   $120.00 for 1 hour 
     $180.00 for 90 Mins 
*save 20.00 by using Venmo, download the app 

Return customers, re-occurring or follow up consultations there are discounted rates, please email me to find out more. Also see my monthly coaching plans.

To Book a Appointment it's easy, email me to set up a day and time to 

Follow these instructions in your email to me.

Title it Phone Consultation and choose a area of interest personal chart, relationship, career or a all around, or forcasting such as what's to come. Then pick how much time you would like to spend.  

Please note Astrology is complex so the adequate time is necessary to cover all the charts necessary for the most accurate reading. 

You may also instead call 818-839-1116 to leave a message to set a appointment.

There are many different charts used in each reading I do try to cover as much as possible and most readings can be done in 60 min's unless you are looking for a combination of relationship and personal then I recommend 90 mins.

A general overall relationship reading can be done in 60 min's where we cover the synastry and the composite

Please note: I try to cover as much as possible within the time frame and make sure each of my clients leave completely satisfied.

Consultation Types

1. Natal Chart Analysis. Psycholoigcal profile, Life Path, Karma and Destiny 

2. In-depth Relationship Analysis of the Synastry Chart + The Composite along with each individual natal chart. Typically 90 mins.

3. General Relationship Analysis of synastry and composite. 60 mins.

12 month forecast predictive. Natal Chart Transits. Typically 60 mins.

4. Career and Business. What Career best suits you, when can you expect to find a job, or any Career related topics.

5. Any purchased amount of time to ask questions specific to your needs. 

All Readings must be Paid in advance to book the time. First come first serve. After payment You will be sent a email confirmation shortly you set up a appointment  same day appointments are available please send it in your request. You will be sent a payment link through paypal all major credit cards are accepted.

Pay in Advance payment links below.

60 min Reading

You may also save 20.00 by using Venmo App please download the app and add @illumeastrology the payment is then 100.00 for 1 hour.

90 Min Consultation

You may also save 20.00 by using the Venmo App, simply download the app Venmo and add @illumeastrology to make your payment of 165.00

Got Questions? email me!  

Same day appointments are available upon request and availability please allow at least 2 hours in advance to analyze chart(s) prior to call.


 I email my answer to you that is detailed and explanatory. 

Email me, and title the email" 2 questions". In the email body please ask your questions.

Pay here prior you will receive your answer in 24-48 hours

If you pay using the Venmo App you may save 10.00 by downloading the app Venmo and adding @illumeastrology to make your payment of 30.00.