Friday, November 1, 2013


If you are a late degree Cancer Ascendant please see the following sign of Leo for a more accurate house transits. 

The month of August is excellent for money for you:) yep! you got a whole Lotta planets gathered up in your 2nd house of earned income, and personal belongings of worth or value.Whoohoo! We're talking Jupiter for a whole year, helping you accumulate items of worth and increase your I haves which in turn increases your confidence! Well security is very important and especially for you security based Cancers, let's just say now is the time to build that nest egg, or go ahead a splurge a little the universe will help you come up with the means. It's not very often you get the two beneficial planets of both Jupiter and Venus together so you can expect a double burst of new and shiny things! 

Mars will make his move into your 5th house of love, romance, creativity and children so you will be focused in these areas, you will be feeling rather sexy and expressive! so why not plan a fun time:) don't get to carried away because you got wet-blanket Saturn their making sure there is not too much fun, too much romance or too much of anything. Don't worry Mars will put up a big fight and you will end up meeting half way. This could mean you meet a serious long-term lover, you are creatively playful but consciously aware of your behavior at the same time, it could also mean that your plans for that creative project have a real chance at getting done, so go for it. There is a strong need to be admired in this house and Saturn will make you feel a little self-conscious and overly critical, however, he does produce good results because of this. You can let it go a little this month, don't let Saturn spoil the fun! not a month like this!

Your relationship and fun houses are taking a beating I mean Pluto is just as mean as Saturn and they both like to take things away, boo! However, they know what they are doing so trust in the process. Some of you ended long term relationships which are not a place or thing that Cancers like to do, you need that security. Trust in the fact that it is for your better, I know still sucks, but trust it. Something better and more of a match is waiting about you just don't know it yet. You are standing up for yourself to other people now, and really going after what you want. If you were the one breaking up you had your reasons and you need more passion now, you need a fighter, you want all or nothing. Guess what you're more than likely gonna get it. Saturn tests the relationships infrastructure to make sure it's solid if it ain't it breaks. So be it. Pluto makes you take a look at yourself worth and depend on yourself. Well, you are now much more confident in going after what you want. Your expectations are set, just don't go too crazy with power struggles with others, it causes much more strife for you later on. Stand up for yourself but pick your battles. Other's will notice this change you are going through it's quite obvious. You will meet some powerful people also, and you are attracted to them at the same time. Just be cautious because people with personal power are great but it can just as easily turn into a power struggle especially since you are feeling so empowered now. Take it easy... but expect more passionate relations with others and perhaps a trip down the wild side of things.

Uranus is also changing up your Career house he hardly ever leaves anything as was before he arrives. You may be changing jobs, or experiencing a desire to break free and work independently. New opportunities will appear at the right time, that will allow you more personal freedom and personal time. You crave something different and you want to make a unique mark on the world now. Dive deep into your own uniqueness, and your own wants and stop thinking about everyone Else's for a change. Others find your behavior perhaps ornery now, you just are not as willing and eager to do this job anymore. Keep cool it's time for a change, and it will come. 


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