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Please note if you are a late degree Taurus Ascendant you can also look to the sign that occupies the majority of your 1st house for more accuracy which in your case would be Gemini.


Taurus you lucky bull you! Starting the month off with Venus in your sign, is quite a good start! You had her vague appearance throughout your house of secrets and things hidden, now she wants to make her grand entrance and come out of solitude. You will be in the mood to pamper yourself so go for it. You may opt to change your hair color or get some new clothes, you want to attract and turn on the charm. The result? You are a magnet and you are attracting. You are much more charming and opportunity for pleasure seems to be all around. As you polish yourself out even more than you are known to do, your confidence builds from the attention you are getting. This is great if you are looking to meet someone because you feel great and it shows. This is of course there are no hard aspects happening at the same time. (Keeping fingers crossed). Like Saturn on your Venus or in bad aspect as one possibility. Then he can damper your day and you may be staying home doing a home hair dye,  self manicure and foot baths, which can still be very pleasant. Otherwise, you will be feeling really good and looking good. Others will take notice so enjoy. 


Also, remember although Venus is in the 1st she is also opposing your 7th of intimate partners. You could meet a long term partnership if you are looking, or someone you are quite attracted to a new love interest. If you are married or shacked up you can expect your partner to take notice of you, and may even become concerned about whether or not you are having a affair?! why all the interest in how you look???? Well so what you can always use a little spice in your love life, just make sure you include them in on your plans or it can turn into assumptions that cause the drama to go to far.  Take advantage of sales on anything related to beauty and appearance. You will find some great deals and it's also a great time to get a makeover, with Venus there it will turn out fabulous. ( Warning please check for Neptune transits affecting your common sense or something that may seem like a great idea may not be so good under this under Neptune's affliction) don't want to cut your hair off, and regret it. 


Also on the onset of June the Sun will make his grand entrance into your 2nd house of money, valuables, self esteem. You will feel like flashing a bit, spending more than you planned. Your ego in the house of things, can make you want more or to look like you have more than you have. However, it can also indicate some extra money from a business partner or a male in your life maybe even a brother or boyfriend. However, usually it means you want more, and you want to look like you have more, so you usually make more in the process. You will also be quite aware of what you really have and what it is you want to acquire so take care of your finances during this time, so you can plan for it.


Your bonus package this month arrives with Moon, Mercury and Jupiter all in your 3rd house of communication, commerce, local travel. Increasing your paperwork, communication, writing which doesn't sound all great but there are little sweet kisses in all the houses. All these areas will be the big show for the month. This is a great time to clean out your file cabinets, I know it sounds blah but it can seriously make it more enjoyable and efficient while this transit is happenings so why not take advantage of it. Besides Taurus loves to have there ducks lined up so go for it.   This is also great if you are in the voice over business, speaking or writing a book or just filling out ridiculous tax papers.  Also a excellent time  for a home mailing business with Jupiter and Mercury there you can do quite well.  Whatever involves local travel, communicating, writing or paperwork plan to get it all out of the way now, because you will somehow feel like it anyway. You can meet important people on your short travels throughout nearby places. You will want to socialize and converse more than usual. So any conversations you need luck with have them during this time. (Again look for any afflictions to be sure)


Your relationships have been under the tough scrutiny of Saturn, which I am sure the past two years has not been a easy road in this area since Saturn first entered. However, his journey through this house is near over. Just a few more stragglers that need to go, and perhaps a new relationship that is based on more who you really are has entered the realm. You can expect big developments this year if this is the case. If you recently ended a relationship that was painful, it was all in due time and trust in the fact that there is one for you around the corner. Saturn only wants real and equal relationships so if there was imbalance or it was unhealthy for you it most certainly will end. However, Saturn has been cleaning house for some time so now it's time to build. When Saturn goes direct July 20th, your relationships should be built on solid ground, and you can prepare to start building your popularity with new and improved people in your life. The ones that made it though are here to stay and more than likely will be for a very long time. For those of you who have been dating for while you may receive or be the barrier of some exciting news regarding a close partnership, some may be thinking about getting serious, and maybe even getting married.


Neptune in the 11th has been washing away friends that are no good, but may have also brought in it's fair share of friends that require patience or have been going through a tough time needing your support. Neptune likes to do this because we all need to learn more compassion otherwise what's the point if we are not there to help others, we are pretty much just taking up space. However, the problem with all the planets is they can over do it, and Neptune is no exception. In the negative, these people can be a never ending well of need. Be sure to balance your life to the best of your ability without giving more than you can. However, being a good friend is a good things to do, they will be there for you when you need them. You may have also acquired more spiritual friends during this time which can be quite fun in you are into the metaphysical side of things. On the negative, you have to keep a eye out for deception within your circle of friends, but I like to think you a intuitive enough to not let that happen.

This month is heavily about partnerships, friendships and love. You may be in high demand having all your relationship houses activated. However, you may have a partner who is not very happy about all this attention so if the relationship is important make sure you let them know and try to make room.

Of course this is general however the influences will be felt. For much more detail and specifics to you. You can order your personalized based on your birth-time specific to you. 

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