Sunday, February 2, 2014


This is another one of those aspects that can really go either way, and it really depends on the maturity of the two people involved. It is much easier for a slightly more experienced or mature couple to handle this because they will lack the childish competitiveness this position can create. Similarly to Mars in hard aspect to Pluto this position generates a lot of sexual attraction at the onset. From what I have seen this aspect can simply be that both parties are not on the proper wavelength in terms of  Mars (male) Venus (female roles or behaviors. The way that each of them gives affection or love is different from what each other desires or expects. It can also be that they push each other's hot buttons or rub each other the wrong way. Sometimes Mars can be too bossy, dominating and even competitive with Venus when it need not be that way. Venus can be too demanding, expecting or simply not willing to give in when needed. It really depends on what the signs are involved, but for instance Capricorn is cool, serious and does not allow himself to get carried away emotionally, Capricorn is in Control. The opposite sign is Cancer, which is sensitive, nurturing, but also can be emotionally needy. In this case, the Mars Capricorn will show his love and affection in ways that the Cancer Venus may not see at loving and might feel unloved or lonely. The Mars, on the other hand, can find the Cancer, to needy or overly sensitive. The Cancer Venus can be too clingy for the Capricorn Mars.  There can be arguments and problems that arise with regards to how one gives love and what the other needs. Of course opposites attract, and in the opposition it may be a bit easier because you both have what the other needs. The square can be more problematic because the two are usually very stubborn in their ways and have different ways of going about getting and giving  love and affection. Both people need different things to feel loved. Being aware of this and sensitive to the fact that the two of you are of different worlds and learning to give each other what it is they need, will let the best part of the aspect play out and that is hot chemistry. 

The possible negative side if not mature can cause a great deal of friction that although causes sexual attraction, but eventually burns out and leads to animosity. 

 If you handle this position with care and a mature perspective, as well as true knowledge of what it is your partner really needs and wants, and are willing to give it to them the way they like it, then the two of you will have much to learn from one another as well. Don't get me wrong, there is "Nothing wrong" with a little "drama" every so often, but watch out for the need to pick and poke at each other, nothing kills a romantic possibility more, and aggravating each other to the point that you want to fight all the time. Keep it sweet, and your sex life will likely be quite active thought your entire relationship.

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  1. i have venus-mars double whammy with someone, square and the opposition. therefore our venus oppose each other + mars' square. his sun opp my venus/mars, there are pluto contacts as well. just show a picture of him and is enough for me to break down sobbing bc of frustration/longing etc. we are two different worlds completley, to me he's perfect tho but he wouldn't come near me. that's all :)