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JUNE 2014


May was a rather heavy month, with all your water houses of deep emotions, psychological secrets and family heritage along with the 12th house of the unconscioius and the 4th of home and soul all recieving from some rather powerful planetary enegies. Talk about a deep psychological plunge into the depths of who you really are! You have been rehashing old hurts and diving deep into the meaning of life with Jupiter's expansive energy in your mysterious and deep 8th house of Sex, Death and Taxes. Some of you may have experienced death, and some have been experiencing a deeper type of intimacy if you have a partner. Also if you are married or have a long term partner chances are you have been having a lot more sex and your partner has been much more willing to share their resources with you on the more positive side.


Your home life, roots, soul and family have been going down memory lane as well with Neptune's transit through your 4th house. Things around the family may get confusing and you do need to keep a open eye out for deception within the home or the family. This is primarily because you want to idealize home and if you have had family problems in the past their is a desire to rectify the situation. Some will expreince a new found family and other's may need to let particular family members go by teh way side. Neptune seeks to disolve what it touches and in the 4th house it wants to dissolve any inborn traits that are not in your best interest or any family hurts that need letting go of.


At the same time while Neptune is in your 4th it is also opposing your 10th making you much more idealistic towards career. You may find that you no longer want to work in the hustle bustle but would much rather work independantly in a more creative field even if it's less money. Your personal happiness becomes much more important during this time. In addition to Neptune glamorizing your career and cleaning home illusions the 1st of June begins Venus's transit through your 6th house of work and health. You will want to put forth the effort into any career projects you are working on. You may even pick up some new clients at work, nothing major but a definite increase. You will also want to take on a new health regine or exersise program. Being healthy will be on your mind and chances are you will be looking pretty good after her transit here. You may end up in a completley different field than you ever thought. You are much more creative at home and you may have experienced some plumbing, water or gas problems in the begining of this transit. Funny things start happening with water around the house it's quite hilarious. You are much more sensitive and although Neptune blurs and makes one much more compassionate, you are likely to uncover some deeper mysteries of yourself during this time and will be letting a lot go at the end of this transit. They say you will be exactly where you are suppose to be at the end of this transit, which sounds pretty darn good to me.


Uranus has make his mark in your house of love and chances are you have been going through some changes if you were involved previous to his transit here. If you are recently single or single and looking you will find much different then the normal much more interesting now. You want more freedom of expression and are attracted to individualism. You are also at your creative high so use this time to take advantage of any creative gifts you might have. This is also the house of children if you have any they may become more rebellious at this time, or if you are wanting a child you have a chance of suddenly getting pregnant. It seems as if June 1st is a excellent time to try for a child if all aspects allow. June 1st you will have  Jupiter is in the 8th house of birth and Uranus in the 5th of sudden surprises and children but to join the 8th house you will have the Moon ( motherhood) and Mercury which could be news of a pregnancy. If you are not looking to have a child right now, you should take extra precautions. It would be more accurate to get a fertility reading which would help pin point the best days during this month to try.


Pluto has been or for the later Sag risers( is about to) causing some of you Sagittarius to feel a sense of desperation on the financial front. Pluto tears down what he touches and he is not for the superficial. Sometimes we need to lose everything to find out who we really are. This is Pluto's philosophy anyway. I don't like working from a desperate perspective so i disagree with this tactic. However, Pluto doesn't care what I think or anyone else for that matter. He has his perspective. You need to watch your personal belonging and your money during this time especially Pluto's second direct motion in this house. Money suddenly goes missing and some people are actually robbed during this time. You will need to get along on less, much less than you have had. However, you must let it go, and accept that this is building your self worth, which will have nothing to do with how much money you have. After the 2nd pass through this house Pluto will start to rebuild you will find new ways to make money and you will begin building all over again. You can expect to function on much less for the 1st two years of this transit before the rebuilding phase begins, this is very difficult at first but gets much easier and you begin to realize that those are just things that can be replaced. You will learn who is really your Friend and who wanted to be around you because of what you had to offer. Pluto will bring out desperation so you need to watch out for trying to make money in unethical ways because it will only backfire. Just hang on to what you have left and start planning for your next move. The way in which you made your money is likely to change. You will also find a new found self esteem that is much more real built on the fact that you survived this transit.


June begins the month with the Sun in your 7th house of partners. This indicates a desire to partner with others which also makes one much more sociable. You will be in the mood to mix and mingle and you will find that your close friends are wanting to spend more time with you. You will also come across much more confident to others which may draw in new potential business partnerships as well.  To highlight this area even more, their is a gathering of of the Moon and Mercury Joining Jupiter in your 8th house of deep intimacy, emotional security and partners resources, along with inheritance. This indicates that the month of June is a pivotal relationship month for you. If you are single and looking you have a great chance of meeting someone special especially in the 1st part of June and then again later in the month and early next month with Venus makes her way to your 7th house of committed partnerships. You might be getting engaged or tying the knot for those of you already in a committed partnership.


The cloud is lifting for you Sagittarius and might already feel it has begun. New revelations are releasing you from old patterns. Now as summer arrives you feel like things are about to get much better. Which it is. The Sun's transit from the more mundane 6th house into the 7th is a much more positive vibe and your interaction with others will be quite pleasant.

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