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JUNE 2014 

If you are late degree Pisces Ascendant please also read the sign following since it likely occupies the majority of your 1st house for purpose of accurate transits to the houses. See Aries

Hello Pisces! June will be a great month for you to connect with family, find new love if you are looking, or have more fun and romance with your Partner. You my Dear will be quite popular this month attracting others to you like a magnet. Your confidence will increase quite a bit with the Sun in your 4th house. The Sun here let's you truly shine within your self and also within your family. Home will definitely be on your mind perhaps through family visits to relatives or maybe more time alone at home depending on the fix you need. Both are favored now. 

However, your desire for home may be curtailed with your desire for more fun, love and romance. One thing for sure you can expect a highly romantic month or at the very least a highly sociable month that leads to romance if you are single.  The first week of June a collection of positive planets the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter will all gather in your 5th house. This is a almost guarantee of a good time. Summer is here and you have the need for excitement. You will also be extremely creative this month so by all means if you have been putting any creative projects on the back burner now is a great time to revisit them. 

 If you are in a relationship that you can expect to grow closer having fun together and being much more playful and romantic. Although with the Suns entrance into your 4th house you may struggle between your need to go out 5th house and your inner desire to stay home 4th house. Why not do a little of both? Besides you could meet a new love interest at a family gathering or outing, or maybe a family member will actually set you up. It's all possible now.  

You will be feeling the need for much deeper relations and connections than usual with Mars entry into your 8th house, of intimate sharing and sex. Mars here increases ones desire nature for deeper sexual experience. In your free time you will take a deeper interest in the meaning of things. You will search high and low for life's answers and mysteries. Metaphysical pursuits during this time are highly rewarded. If you are in a committed relationship you can bet things will get very steamy this month. 

Saturn in your 9th of long distance travel, and philosophy may withhold information from you or you might need to dig deeper to find it. Saturn likes people to work hard for what they get. Saturn is also delays, blockage or suppression so you may not have had the opportunity to take that vacation you were planning, or perhaps you did and experienced all sorts of inconveniences, I truly hope this was not the case. Although I have seen it happen many times. You are looking to find your faith now, with Saturn making all things serious this may become a big priority in your life. You may have found your religion or at least are in the process of you finding the one for you. Regardless of which faith you choose you are likely to go the more traditional or conservative route. If you are in college you may have had more work or more demands put on you. Saturn makes strong through pulling weight and doing things alone. 

Mixing up Matters a bit Neptune is in your Sign which happens to be a double dose of what you already have, compassion and confusion. Neptune likes to dissolve what it touches so in this case it's your very own identity. You may have been holding on to false preconditioning that may have held you back, or others are experiencing a painful illumination on all that you have escaped or avoided to protect your deep sensitivity. You have had to learn the hard way about physical boundaries, and learning to face the painful realities of life. You need to be careful of self deception at this time. You are under a double dose of Neptune's pill and you need to watch out for people that may push your boundaries since they won't recognize them. They may see you during this time as they wish, leaving you feeling as if you are being more misunderstood than you usually are. Neptune can also make you fall for the broken bird that can't be saved, don't even attempt. You deserve someone whole, so why settle for less. You are use to Neptune's energy so you should navigate quite well. Just make sure you keep your wits about you and don't buy into every story you hear. With Neptune in your sign it is a very good idea to go out and get involved in ways to help, but not so much in the relationship area, go for groups where you can make the biggest difference, rather than investing in the first screwed up man or woman you see. Of course helping is helping however it's best if the people you help you do not have a romantic attachment too. 

I am sure you have learnt a thing or two anyway with Pluto destroying your house of friends. These effects can come out as betrayals within friendships, meeting people that are difficult and manipulative perhaps even bullying. This is actually quite good for you to see this bad side to people. Since you tend to idealize people believing that only good exists in everyone. I wish it were so Pisces, but that is not the case. The sooner you realize this the sooner you will put the energy that you so willingly give to others right into yourself. You can trust yourself now can't you? Realize that the people that are leaving your life at this time, it is best that they go. It may be hard at first but you must detach from any and all negative people. By the time Pluto goes direct you will be having a new perspective on friendship and you won't need so wide a circle, but rather genuine friends that care about you instead. Keep your distance from the negative people that may be entering your life at this time, even if you need to be alone for the time being. 

June will be pact with many social events, and opportunities for love and romance so get out and have a little fun. Keep the gatherings small and close knit with Pluto in the house of Groups you can experience some opposition that you might want to avoid. Family and close friends seem to be the way to go for now. Which is fine it's much more intimate anyway.

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