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If you are a late degree Capricorn Ascendant please read the next Sign since it likely will take up the majority of your 1st house for timing of transits to the houses, in your case it would be Aquarius.

Capricorn, change and transformation has been with you in a big way. You have been hosting the Planet of deep transformation in your 1st house( Self Personality). This has been empowering you to no longer accept things as they are and to make drastic changes in yourself. Many new opportunities have come your way because of this new empowered you. It is possible also that you have been tempted in a much more obvious way to things of a darker or more seductive nature. If you were in a long term relationship chances are you can expect much change in that area since Pluto is also working over the opposite house as well, of Partners or committed relationships. Your Partner may have taking on Pluto qualities or it may have been you, but there will be a tint of Pluto's need to dominate much in both areas. 

As the year continues and June begins, much can be expected to develop in the Love, Relationships and close Partnerships area.

This month, You will have great magnetism, drawing others to you in a almost magical way. This is the month to build your clientele, business partnerships, close relationships, and a potential love partner. If you are already involved then perhaps marriage is now on the table for discussion. Or you can also be feeling as if you are suffocating in your close relationship with expansive Jupiter in your 7th house. Regardless of what you have been experiencing things have been on the up rise socially and some of  the people you will be meeting over the time that Jupiter is overdoing things in your 7th house will be pertinent to your future. These people will take on a much more optimistic perspective, they may be highly spiritual or religious but definitely expansive. Just weed out the ones that talk a big talk but perform no Action. Jupiter in it's negative will bring a bunch of these types as well.  

You may have felt like you have suddenly entered a dream world, where anything is possible. Things seem to be touch more colorful, spiritual and even dreamy. You feel as if you are a character in a story of your life. Well it's about to get even dreamier as the time goes by and Neptune flushes your mind with imagery, and attaches sentiments to things in the past with had no value to you. You will begin to yearn for the perfection in your life. You will see the positive in others and there is a possibility that in your hopeful, trusting Neptune disposition that someone takes advantage of your kindness and you feel deceived or you may have thought much higher of a situation than it actually was. Although you will be feeling this way, you must go on your intuition more than usual. Don't color the situation to your liking, see it for what it really is. Don't make excuses for bad people. Aside from that the creativity that comes with this long transit is really something to marvel at. You will be living in your head, most of the time. However, you head is filled with such wonderful things. It is also possible that you feel extremely confused at times as well. You will feel inclined more than ever before to help others. You will become very sensitive. However, Chiron of pain and healing will also be with Neptune giving you some healing insights sometime with pain first, but that's the way most of us learn. You may resolve a long time emotional problem or a problem you may have had with a sibling during this time.

You will be feeling rather powerful, attractive and dreamy this month with all the attention you will be getting it's no wonder. Although June starts the month off in your 6th house of work, health and service. You can expect to feel your best in these areas. You may start working out for summer, feeling like you want to focus on getting healthy and fit. It is also possible that you take on a new side project or extra work also.  But with all those planets gathered up in your 7th house Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in the start of the month. You may hear news regarding a close partnership, or you will be spending quite a bit of time being in demand, you are quite the Star. Having all this wonderful energy in the 7th house of Partnership is not just business related but it is of course also love and marriage related. You can meet a very important compatible partner if you are single, or maybe even a soul mate. (other charts need to be analysed according to your birth time to see how significant this person is. However I believe it to be very significant to all, simply because of Jupiter.

Your energy and drive (Mars) will be kicking off in your 10th house of Career, Fame, Recognition. This is a excellent time for you to get down to business. Your forecast shows a active month of progression in work and career. You will be meeting new people, building your Rolodex and feeling much more confident because of this. You will take initiative at work, and others will take notice of this  . You will do first and ask questions later and this doer mentality at work will catch the sight of the higher ups and you may be getting a bonus or a raise.

As far as your love life, it looks pretty darn good, with Venus in your 5th house Jupiter in your 7th all I can see is a possible soul mate. If you are already in involved then you will both have much more fun together and you can expect good romantic interactions with your lover or partner. You may also be thinking about children if you don't have them, or you will enjoy spending time with children as well, even if there other peoples. You will be wanting to have fun and enjoy yourself, you will be feeling confident, popular and that's no lie, You are! Take advantage of this time to have it all. It most certainly all is being presented to you this month! Have fun!

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