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Please note: if you are a late degrees Aries Ascendant you may want to read the sign that covers most of your 1st house which in your case would be Taurus which helps with depicting transits to the appropriate houses and is much more accurate for you.

Hello Aries! June is going to be far out fun! You my friend;  have been electrified, buzzing with a urge to change things up! and all this ruckus started up when Unruly, Crazy Uranus entered your sign and has been making his way through your 1st house of (Self, Personality). Feeling a little erratic? just focus on the genius sudden insights part, and go with that. You have been buzzing with a urge to do something! Anything! as long as it doesn't involve anything that you have been doing in the past, because you are over that. You want change and you have been changing. You have been "in the becoming" of a truer and more authentic you. You are more accepting of the things you may have been more rigid on in the past. You may  even experience a dramatic make-over if not physically, then internally, seeking a release of inhibitions of the past, which you didn't have many because Aries inhibited? Uh no. Don't worry, I am quite aware that this really isn't any different from the normal fast paced energy you are normally a part of, but this is a new buzz.  A little different in the fact that, you are more interested in pushing your " be yourself agenda" and maybe even radically pursuing more adventure and excitement or taking your ideas to the open, in the least although the most noticeable you will be craving more freedom in your life and anyone that tries to hold you back, will get left in the dust.


You are a money magnet all month! Alongside this Uranian energy you will continue to experience for most of the Year. You will bring in June with Venus giving gifts in your 2nd house of earned income or valuables, this is AWESOME! I mean it's her house after all, so she is happy to be home. Venus represents money in the money house, you can expect to have enough for what you need and if there are other supporting factors, Much more!

You will be acquiring things or finding money in places you didn't expect, you may receive gifts from others whatever happens you can expect a boost and something nice. While she is in the 2nd she is also opposing the 8th (others money) so you can receive money from someone else. So even if you don't gain from your own means, you will more than likely gain from someone else:). Plan to use this period to ask for a raise, purchase a item you have been wanting, and socializing you are in the receiving mode and people want to give, so why not have fun with it. Remember the ancients used to strategically plan there lives according to opportune times so we should too. Have fun with it. You will be feeling very generous during this time and because of this others are feeling generous with you. It's mutual benefits and good karma earned.


June will be a great month for you in terms of money and career. June 1st brings in a lovely trine between Venus and Pluto affecting your 1st( self) and 10th (Career, Fame, Public) this is a powerful trine and will be exact, you can expect something pretty exciting to happen in your career, it could even indicate a party or celebration where you are the center of it. It could also indicate that you receive a reward or something at work. You can also meet someone really important to your career:) whatever it is in the end that actually manifests. You can expect something quite positive to happen making you feel appreciated in some way. Pluto has been giving you the drive and passion to pursue your 10th house goals along with the confidence and power so make the most out of Career opportunities, they will come out in your favor.


Beginning of June 1st, 2014  along with the above aspects, the Sun will be lighting up your 3rd house of communication, commerce, local travel. You will probably find yourself having to run more errands or having to visit people locally, around town a little more than usual. Whether you picked up additional responsibilities or because you just feel the urge to be more social, communications will be picking up and you will feel a stronger need to connect.  In addition: The Sun in your 3rd will be receiving a trine from Uranus in your 1st, putting you in the right place at the right time. Uranus is sudden surprises and while your out and about communicating or getting around, you can have a pleasant surprise on your journey. If you are fated to meet someone you probably will while your traveling around locally, or visiting neighbors, local clerks, nearby coffee shops, things as such. You may have a sudden run in with someone pivotal to your path or perhaps just a pleasant unique encounter.


On a deeper and spiritual level, Neptune has been fogging up your 12th house (dreams, compassion, illusion) even more than usual. This can be quite good, Neptune likes to dissolve what he touches, and if you have been holding on to all kinds of irrational fears then Neptune will do one of a few things, either: Help you glamorize them to erase them, once you think of them in a new positive light they will no longer be fears. Another possibility is the 12th house holds secret enemies and these people may show up out of no where trying to drain your energy, they usually come in the form of negative people that request a lot of your time. Neptune is compassion and the victim savior types come out during these transits and you need to be cautious of being taken advantage of by others. But most importantly and the extremely beautiful side to this transit is that you feel a release of all the fears that held you back, perhaps first having to relieve them in your dreams or with your brain just coughing up memories which can sometimes be painful, but are necessary to Neptune's purpose. The beautiful side to this transit is is that things become a little more spiritual, and even whimsical. You may experience some mystical events during this transit that will remind you of the beauty that is possible, and that their is a larger purpose to things and how you fit in just perfectly.


June brings in a package deal in the home front. With the Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter all hanging out in your 4th house of home. Yeah Jupiter has already caused you to feel a need to expand, you just wanna go a little bigger. Jupiter's helium gases like to expand and sometimes too much and unrealistically so, helium knows no boundaries. Sorta like Neptune;). At any rate if you haven't already moved into a bigger place. You may have been looking into or already started home expansion. Or if you have not been able to buy a new place or expand the one your currently living in, you may be thinking about moving abroad. At the very least you have been wanting to upgrade furniture or make your home more comfortable. If you have not participated in any of these desires, you absolutely feel much more optimistic. If you work at home you can expect to make more money. You can sell home appliances, have a yard sale, or sell furniture if you have been planning on it. You will get what it's worth or even more during this time. Just a heads up! You can expect home benefits, rent decrease or a property upgrade even as small as putting in new trees and flowers making your property much more pleasant. Benefits at home is where it's at so, live it up. Mercury re-enforcing the probability of increased sales from home. You can even experiment home shipping business, get on posh mark and sell your stuff if you need money. Anyway home life will be pleasant and family affairs should be very positive.


Saturn is restricting financial, emotional and sexual support. You have to pull your "super hero" suit out, and take on the challenge. Saturn has been restricting 8th house matters, sex may have slowed down if you were in a partnership or you may find issues surrounding sex in some way. Or Sex has become  a little more serious and not so much for recreation if you have been a Player in the past, or a lover of the opposite sex. If you are married your partner may have suffered financial loss, affecting your sex life and your financial life. Your partner may also fall into depression or become more demanding of you emotionally. You may have owed more taxes that usual. Whatever Saturn's conjuring up in this murky house, it has been forcing you to truly depend on yourself. Emotional support slows down, deep truths are revealed. However at the same time, you can do quite well financially yourself because you are taking on a need to build financial structures. As the support slows down, you find that you are much stronger than you may have originally thought, or some of you may have already known. On the very negative of this transit there is a small possibility some may experience a death of someone close to you but this is rarely the case.

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