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If you are a Aquarius late degree Ascendant please check out the next sign that will be occupying most of your 1st house for timing of transits which in your case is Pisces.

Hello Aquarius! June is going to be a fabulous month for you indeed! Atlas, things are starting to pick up and you are feeling that something big is simmering up for you. Well, I happen to believe so to and with very good reason.

The month of June will be starting off with a kick up on the entertainment side to life. With the confident bright Sun's entry into your 5th house of Love, Fun and Romance, you can expect a surge in this area. You will be feeling much more confident and full of positivity. Last months Sun in your 6th house was good for getting healthy and fit not too exciting, however it has prepared you for now!. You are looking good, feeling good and in the mood for Love. Guess what? If you are single you might just find someone! However, since Venus  will move into your 4th house of home, the love and romance might be taking place there if you are involved already in a serious relationship. If you are single this person might live rather close to you or you may meet them through a family member. Also with Venus in your 4th you can expect relations with your family to improve greatly as well as your desire to pretty up your place, this is a excellent time to sell home appliances if you have any you want to get rid of. It is excellent for any home business you should do quite well this month.

The beginning of this month starts with a collection of positive planets all gathered up in your 6th house of work, health and regimen. With the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter all here, this is a lot of positive energy! You will feel energetic and able to take on many tasks. Work will pick up and you will be focused on fitness and health, receiving many benefits in this areas. If you are looking for a job you will probably get one, it won't be the 10th house Jupiter type big and glamorous but it will likely take care of what you need although probably a lot of work.

However, with the fiery energy of "go-get-em" Mars will be stirring up your desire for expansion and travel. It is also possible that you take a course or put your energy into studying higher philosophy or the meaning of life, with him in this vibrant expansive 9th house. You may take a vacation if you haven't already and if opportunity allows. You are a little more risky in your actions having faith that all will turn out well, which is more than likely the case.

You have had Saturn the taskmaster in your 10th house of Career and Honors putting the pressure on your need to find your place in the world and how you want to be known and recognized and what for. Saturn here puts a seriousness and often times supplies plenty of obstacles, this of course is only to make you much more concerned with where you stand than so much about the Group as you Aquarius's concern usually lies. You may have had issues with those in Authority raising their expectations of you.  Saturn builds Structures that are lasting. This is what this time is best used for and at the end of the transit either you have made enormous headway, or you have fallen victim of the harshness of Saturn and didn't use this time wisely. By all means Aquarius, take this time seriously and work on building a career that best suits you and who you ultimately want to be. Chances are your work load has picked up and there is a lot more stress in this area, this is all good, it's preparation for what's to come. Saturn continues retrograde motion all of June so going back over opportunities or how you present yourself to the world is a best use of this time. So, when Saturn goes direct you are on the best path for you.

The money you make and how you make it has become a area of confusion or perhaps has become much less important with Neptune in your 2nd house of earned income. You may have been thinking of new ways to make money that better suit your more creative side rather than your need for prestige. You also need to watch your money for strange unexplained disappearances. Others may try to take advantage of you financially also since you are feeling much more generous as well. Your personal values and valuables are areas in which may lose personal significance or on the other side may become more idealized which would cause you to want more in obtaining the ideal life. Chances are any creative endeavors you go with will be sources of money for you, so why not give it a try.

Although there is great progress this month in areas of Career it seems much is changing around you as well, and your desires are changing too. Pluto has been digging out all sorts of anxiety and fear in your house of the unconscious and self undoing. Pluto's visit here can be quite brutal, however in his pass you will have released much of the self sabotaging habits you may have had. Your dreams must have been much more powerful, and sometimes painful and even prophetic. These are opportunities for you to fight through any personal demons you have haunting you. Dreams are a way of us dealing with are everyday troubles and often there is a great release shortly after. This is especially true with Pluto here. He doesn't want to fear anything so he will go down, dig it up and deal with it. How freeing! Let it all go Aquarius it needs to. You may be feeling like somewhat of a freak often times this transit actually purges the physical body as well, some can experience strange skin break outs or rashes that make you want to hide from the public. Which is fine as long as you are not avoiding what Pluto is trying to make you uncover as well. When Pluto then moves into your 1st house you will feel empowered to take on any challenge or obtain any goal you have set for you. So clean out the closet while at home and alone and get busy in planning for you future because things are changing for the positive for Aquarians big time, very soon. This is preparation time, in order to move forward with the new you, you must let go of the old habits that were not working for you.

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