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Please note: if you are a late degrees Aries Ascendant you may want to read the sign that covers most of your 1st house which in your case would be Taurus which helps with depicting transits to the appropriate houses and is much more accurate for you.


The month of AUGUST will be a fabulous month for Love and Fun! It's a continuation from the last two weeks of July , and the great news is this month is even better! As a matter of fact from now until August of 2015 you can expect to have a pretty darn good time! However, I believe that August will be your biggest month this year! so by all means take advantage of it! This is especially true for finding true love or improving the love you got!

 If you have been searching for that "one" chances ARE you WILL meet them this month, if you haven't already during the last two weeks of July. There is no need to hurry, take your time and choose wisely because  this theme, will continue until August 2014 when Jupiter makes his exit from your house of love. Very exciting! If you were lucky in love and already have that special someone, then you can expect things to heat up big time, having more fun together, and deepening your love for one another. It's a excellent month to take a romantic getaway with your partner.

With Jupiter's movement into your 5th house of Love on July 18th of last month into passionate, limelight Leo things have already begun to heat up but it's about to get that much hotter, when Venus the Goddess of Love Joins him later this month on August 12th mark the date a plan a special night.  The two greatest benefactors along with the Sun and Mercury, you are practically guaranteed to find a love mate if you don't have one already. You will be in the spotlight feeling confident attracting the opposite sex like moth to flame. Meanwhile you will be feeling great, with a jam packed schedule or fun in the Sun. 

The 5th house is also the house of fun and leisure, creativity and children. These areas will be extremely positive as well! You are in the spotlight and everyone is loving you. Although Venus the planet of Love will continue the first part of this month in your 4th house of home allowing you to continue benefits at home, whether finding great deals on furniture, home appliances or whatever home improvement you desire. Whatever it was you did you improve your home environment, whether large or small the urge to splurge to beautify the home will continue until August 12th when the goddess of Love meets the god of expansion, together in your solar 5th house. It appears the Universe is working very hard on bringing you into contact with with a very special person this is not going to happen for at least another 12 years, so please be sure to get out and mingle. You're charm will be at a all time high.

The beginning of the month August 1st, the moon will be in your partner sign of Libra lighting up your house of close partners/Marriage, this is a great night to plan the evening in with your partner. This indicates that feelings of closeness with your partner and is a excellent time, to get closer and connect deeper.

Single Aries should plan a date for this night, get our with friends or to cozy up with someone special. The Moon will be assuring a cozy and pleasant evening. You will be more open to connect with another at this time, feeling emotionally expressive can help you begin something new with someone.

It's all about Love, Romance, creativity and children. All these areas you can expect to go extremely well, and  will be a strong theme for the month. Those of you that are already in a serious relationship might start to think about children, if not then your time spent with others children will be quite pleasant. If you are wanting to have a baby, this month is a excellent time to try especially when Venus joins Jupiter on the 12th and until September 5th will be the most beneficial if you have had difficulty in the past. 

The 5th house is not only of love, it is also of fun and creativity. Which is something you will most certainly be having a lot of. You can expect to be a super hot item this month. Your calendar will be packed with all sorts of social events, and if not you better get planning, you will be, well received no worries there!

 If you have a creative project that has been on the back burner for whatever reason, I can't emphasise enough that this is the YEAR and NOW is the time, to get on it! With all these planets gathered in your 5th house of Creativity, you will be brimming with ideas, so put them to use. 

You have been changing things up lately anyway, with Uranus the planet of change in your sign, egging you on to get creative, be unique or more authentic to yourself. Uranus might be a nut but his different approach and view of things comes in handy when one wants to be creative. In addition to this creativity many of you have been feeling like a Bee in a Jar, the buzzing energy pushing you to step outside of the usual. Some of you that have been involved may have been seeing this behavior in their partners, as they reach for more freedom, or scream out in boredom, or it may be you that is feeling this energy. Regardless,  Chances are you haven't been feeling like doing the same old things the same old way anymore, not that Aries is guilty of this. However, Uranus has a way of pushing our limits and getting us to try things differently. So go ahead and exhibit your uniqueness and do things your way. Your creative juices are flowing big time,  anything you do creative now will likely make it's mark in the near future. 

While Uranus makes you want to be authentic and mix things up, Pluto makes you toughen up and go after it. Pluto is desperately trying to rebuild your public image, and career and sometimes he can be quite brutal, whether it's through opposition with managers, or bosses or supervisors. Or coworkers stirring the pot, the goal is to get you to demand what it is you truly want out of your career, and to go for it with all you got. 

Sometimes we have to be put in a tough place to figure this out, and no better person than Pluto to do this. Some of you have changed jobs some unwillingly but realize that this change is critical to where you are suppose to be and is urging you to take control of the direction of our life. Resist the urge to be too aggressive with others, even if it's well deserved and in your defense. It's a double edge sword to fight your way to the top pissing many off on the way. You are better off, going about things in a strong, but not desperate way.  Always handle things with tact and poise, you will be rewarded, by ending up exactly where you are suppose to be near the end of his transit here. The 10th house is how you are perceived by others, it's also your reputation, so keep it clean regardless of what is thrown your way. You are driven to accomplish and make a name for yourself now, and with Pluto behind you this can be a empowering time, go for what you want.

Mars the planet of energy, exertion, passion has been hanging out in your 7th house continuing from mid July. So Relationships with other's may have been requiring more of your precious time. If that's not the case then some Aries have been putting the energy in to finding a partner, or at least really feeling the urge to connect with someone. Those Aries already spoken for,  may have had some ironing out to do with regards to their partnership, perhaps some minor lover quarrels or pent up frustrations if not their lover, then with their business associates or close friends.  Mars tends to make people more aggressive, feisty or in it's positive enthusiastic. 

So for more good news, this month Mars will move into sexy Scorpio your solar 8th house, increasing your need for depth in your personal relationships and well as possible monetary gain, through others this may even be your partner. You may spend more of your time, with your intimate partner perhaps having more sex than usual this is the house of Sex, but it's also the house of unpredictability, and things hidden. If you are single you can meet a passionate encounter, that may lead to a relationship unlike any other you may have had. You will want to seek answers to life's deeper questions and find meaning to things you can't quite wrap your mind around. In any event, you will want to merge deeper in any relationship you are currently in. Closer bonding is what your desire.

Important Dates to note: August 1st Moon in your 7th house, of partners. Great for first dates, lounging at home in a romantic environment with your partner, getting out with friends or business partners. The biggest night of the month will be the 18th and will continue on until september 7th when Venus leaves Jupiter behind and moves into Virgo and your solar 6th house. On the 13th Venus enters Leo joined up with Jupiter. The 18th will be the exact conjunction between Jupiter and Venus giving you a sweet deal in the romance department. This is so fantastic! Plan a date, go out to meet someone or plan something with your partner. If you are single you won't be for long, just get out and mingle. All month will be double the fun, and luck so don't be shy. The great news about all of this is that you have time, Jupiter will be in this house until August of next year! Express yourself, love yourself, and have fun!

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