Monday, July 8, 2013

Saturn Square or Opposite Venus- The Law of Love

Saturn Square or Opposite Venus- Words to describe:Perfectionists, Critical( of themselves and others), Hard Working, Independent, Builders, Testers, Conservative, Showman, Business Person, Busyness, Serious, Pessimistic, Controlled, Contained, Cool, Passionate, Sexy, Strong, strengthen, Hot, Cold, Mean, Rude, equates love with work, traveler, explorer, freedom, intuitive to the cycles of love, snail pace in love matters.

If you are dating someone with this aspect you will need to have all your ducks lined up, be independent not needy, have a good job, dress right, act right and be willing to do most of the chasing, don't get mad when they pull away suddenly and without notice, or a explanation for that matter, just stay busy and let them come to you.

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  1. This is dead on accurate! I have been with two people with Saturn Opposite Venus this is exact to what has transpired. I tried for many years, when I finally said to myself, WTH?? I finally left, they both keep trying to come back, years later! but I have given up and met someone with the Trine, much more flowing. Can you write about Saturn Trine Venus? I would like to know your take. Thank you!

  2. Hi Nadia! Thank you for visiting! It is a very difficult aspect to deal with. I will definitely get around to writing about about the Trine, it is a much easier flowing energy, which makes one feel very secure, in the love that they provide and give:)