Thursday, May 2, 2013

Scorpio Ascendant- The dominant Ascendant

Just to compare here are some facts about Scorpions in the animal world.

Taken from Scorpion World  In the article they say Scorpions don't rely heavily on their vision, even though they can have up to 12 eyes. 

Instead they use their sense of smell, to smell out danger. Also,  they rely on vibrations or vibes of the environment. 

It is also said that Scorpions have a fluorescent or reflective in their skeletons or shells, which is believed to be part of the Molten process ( Shedding Skin) but they really don't know what it is or how it get's there.

All Scorpions are venomous. However, only about 25-30 of them have a type of venom that is potent enough to make someone very ill or to kill them. The sting apparently liquefies the victim from the inside.

The Scorpions like to hide out, or lay low and are usually found around rocks, trees, and caves.

The oldest artifacts of Scorpions date back 430 million years.

Some species of Scorpions can live for up to a year without any food or water.

They are nocturnal and will usually stay in holes or under rocks during the day.

Also take note that they are extremely sensitive to light from the sun.

Astrologically it indicates that early on you were a victim of or likely suffered deep hurts, betrayals, and jealousy from those close to you.

These instances will rebuild you at a later date when you learn to accept the Scorpion in you. Approximately around mid-life or for some much earlier, you will have learned the proper defenses and protection, and use of your power. 

Of all the Ascendants, your path is one of the true fighter but the challenge lies in you, and you alone for yours is a path of fierce transformation.

 Your path is one of illumination through facing the darkest of tunnels by transforming into the Pheonix. 

As you grow into your power and realize that there is nothing to fret, when you are truly aware and have faced all your fears and learn to use your power to help others. 

You are highly psychic, perceptive, coy and deadly when messed with. You are fears protective, passionate and everything is all or nothing. 

 If you happen to have a Scorpio Ascendant at the time of birth, you probably noticed that you take on more of the Scorpio attributes, than your Sun sign and regardless of the  rest of your natal chart. 

Scorpio is a powerful sign because it represents death and rebirth there is a death that occurs and a rebirth and sometimes many times over.

I believe Scorpio ascendant to be the path of the spiritual warrior. It reminds me of a particular Japanese cartoon that I had exposure to; through my nephew called "The knights of the zodiac" in English translation or original title Seinto Seiya.  

Although it was a cartoon it was very unique, in the depiction of the zodiac signs and they all had a purpose and a journey. Which was to overcome their fears, and baggage (each one unique to their sign) that were holding them back from reaching their 6th sense.

Scorpio was split into two characters; Scorpio and Phoenix. Phoenix was the most powerful of course because he survived it all and learned how to use his power to overcome fear finding that in that is the most power of all. 
Phoenix would go to the fires of hell to regenerate and gain power, the more he went the stronger he got and he was invisible, immortal. He often said, "I've been to hell and they don't want me" nor can they keep me. 

He was the strongest of all the zodiac because he reached his 7th sense, eventually they all did. However, his was the most powerful because he could regenerate and rise out of the ashes. 

In some ancient tradition's some of the most enlightened would sit in the "dark pits of the dead", with corpses and all the "stench" you can imagine, as a way to train themselves to concentrate, regardless of where they were but to also face death in the face, to not fear it but rather to draw strength and courage much like phoenix did in hell. 

The lure to Scorpio is their intensity, their confidence and their ability to see what's beneath the surface of appearances. 

They will probe you deeply with an intense gaze and watch your body language for hidden clues to any pretense you may have. They are loyal and dedicated to those they trust. They are not superficial, they want and need depth in their interaction with others. It truly is all or nothing, black and white and you either ARE or you're NOT! there is no in-between.

Scorpio Ascendants have a difficult life path, but it is in this dark path that we enlighten the most. It's not easy going to the depths of hell dying and coming out a phoenix  not many would survive.

It is through hardships, difficulties, struggles and recurring trips to the underground that they learn that fear, is the enemy.

 Scorpio ascendants lessons are hard and once they have been learned the secret is revealed to them. However, you must rise above the petty and the pain, and help others who are not as strong or equipped to handle such hardship. 

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