Thursday, May 2, 2013

Scorpio Ascendant- The dominant Ascendant

Just for fun and to compare here are some facts about Scorpions in the animal world.

In the article they say Scorpions don't rely heavily on their vision, even though they can have up to 12 eyes. 

*The famous Scorpio X-ray vision.

Instead they use their sense of smell, to smell out danger. Also, but they heavilty rely on vibrations or vibes of the environment. 

*Scorpios feel vibrations of others. 

It is also said that Scorpions have a fluorescent or reflective in their skeletons or shells, which is believed to be part of the Molten process ( Shedding Skin) but they really don't know what it is or how it get's there. 

*The Scorpio Transformation.

All Scorpions are venomous. However, only about 25-30 of them have a type of venom that is potent enough to make someone very ill or to kill them. The sting apparently liquefies the victim from the inside.

* Sounds about right (wink)

The Scorpions like to hide out, or lay low and are usually found around rocks, trees, and caves.

*Or up late at night, hanging in the back ground observing

Some species of Scorpions can live for up to a year without any food or water.

* Ok maybe not

They are nocturnal and will usually stay in holes or under rocks during the day.

*Prefer to lay low

Also take note that they are extremely sensitive to light from the sun.

* mysterious

Astrologically it indicates that early on you were a victim of or likely suffered deep hurts, or betrayals, and may have been a victim of jealousy from those close to you.

To be honest you can't be a Scorpio with all that mystery and awareness if you didn't go through something difficult. These instances will rebuild you at a later date when you l Approximately around mid-life or for some much earlier, you will have learned the proper defenses and protection, and use of your power. 

Of all the Ascendants, your path is one of the true fighter but the challenge lies in you, and you alone. For yours is a path of fierce transformation and personal power to be able to make powerful change in the world.

Your path is that of the phoenix, it is one of illumination through facing the darkest of tunnels, overcoming all fear and rising above the lower vibrations of survival and into a highly spiritual being, that weilds much power and can promote great change.

As you grow into your power and realize that there is nothing to fret, when you are truly aware and have faced all your fears and learn to use your power to help others, you will truly be amazed of what your capable of. 

You are highly psychic, perceptive, coy and not one to mess with. You are protective, and passionate in all that you do. When you find your passion there is no stopping you. You have the power of pursuasion, and are a leader. 

If you happen to have a Scorpio Ascendant at the time of birth, you probably noticed that you take on more of the Scorpio traits than your Sun sign, and regardless of the rest of your natal chart. 

Scorpio is a powerful sign because it represents death and rebirth, but also what lies beneathe the surface of things. You like to search out truths, and are not afraid to go where others care not too.In your lifetime you will go through many transformations each one better and better.

I believe Scorpio ascendant to be the path of the spiritual warrior. There was a japaneze anime that my Nephew introduced me to. Of course i watched a episode it was called knights of the zodiac how could i not. It was very unique, in the depiction of the different zodiac signs and they all had a purpose and a journey of their own and were each warriors out to protect Athena. The purpose was not only to defend Athena but ultimately was to overcome their fears, and each of the zodiac issues (each one unique to their sign) that were holding them back in their life from reaching their 6th sense.

Scorpio was split into two characters; Scorpio and Phoenix. Phoenix was the most powerful of course because he overcame it all. He learned how to use his power by overcoming all fear finding, and in that is the most power of all. Which led him to imortality.

The lure to Scorpio is their intensity, their confidence and their ability to see what's beneath the surface of appearances. 

They will probe you deeply with an intense gaze and watch your body language. They are loyal and dedicated to those they trust. They are not superficial, they want and need depth in their interaction with others. They don't like meaningless chatter.

Scorpio Ascendants have a difficult life path, but it is in this dark path that we enlighten the most. It's not easy going to the depths of hell dying and coming out a phoenix  not many would survive.

It is through hardships, difficulties, struggles and recurring trips to the underground that they learn that it is their that is their enemy. 

Scorpio ascendants lessons are hard early on but they get much easier later on. When they see that they are in charge of how they feel, what they experience and to rise above the petty and the pain, and help others who are not as strong or equipped to handle such hardship. 

 For more on the personality traits of a Scorpio, Ascendant click here


  1. Very well written, I have a scorpio ascendant and this is very accurate for me. I have a stellium in the 5th house in Leo and yet I feel very scorpio and yes things have been very hard but rewarding.

  2. I think the biggest lessons scorpio or plutonic people need to learn is that they cause their own hell by their own actions most of the time. Most of what you say is a "real confidence" I see as learning to manipulate and dominate other people in a rather non-compassionate manner, and building their ego around it. It doesn't seem real at all to me, because most strong people don't need to talk and brag about how strong they are. There is always a big tearing down and a fall when you indulge in that energy, because it can be very destructive but I'm sure they wouldn't have any other way. They get such an ego kick about being a scorpio rising that's hard for them to resist, but ultimately they are their own worst enemy. The spiritual "warrior" aspect is just reflecting the battle they have within themselves.

    1. Your describing a leo not a scorpio rising, sweetheart.

    2. Your describing a leo not scorpio, babe. Scorpio ascendants are quiet and smooth.

  3. Thank you for reading! I agree with you, when Pluto/Scorpio energy is used in it's negative form it is exactly how you say. However in the case of the Ascendant it is more about how they viewed and experienced life. What they had to experience and how they viewed things. The way in which they use the energy is up to them, and can be found by examining their natal chart to see what Pluto is doing in their chart. Look at positive or negative aspects being made between Pluto. I have found that the negative (squares or oppositions) produce the more manipulative dominating individuals than the trines and sextiles. I have written of the dark side of Pluto energy quite a bit here and yes, there is a pride/tearing down and being their own worst enemy that is far to obvious but they can't see.

  4. I never look up on astrology until 2013 started I've been going through a very dark phrase. I found that im a scorpio ascendant which is not surprising because I never feel much like my sun sign but more scorpionic. I'm having so much scorpio / pluto influence right now it's off the roof. I'm definitely going through transformation, and my scorpion side is infecting inside and out. I hope the pheonix will rise soon. It's such a deep intense experience and utterly unsatisfying which leave I feel extremely lonely and trapped. Because my scorpio influence no longer wants the usual , all I crave is new different intense deep experience esp with love and sex. However I'm involve with someone who is not but I can't break anyone's heart. Everything is so overwhelming and explosive. I do feel like I want to just get ride of everything. Shed all my skin and start fresh. I'm having pluto sextile pluto in transit chart. Pluto trine venus. Progression chart shows all mercury moon pluto and sun in scorpio in 11 house right now.

  5. Anonomous, Thank you for visiting! Pluto being your chart ruler, would make Pluto transits more heavily felt. More so, the progressed moon into scorpio is deeply felt which is adding to the energy. Use this transformative energy to help you become more authentic to yourself. Your inner self is screaming out, Pluto is pushing you to make a change, sounds like the relationship that you are unhappy in might be a good start.:)

  6. My scoprio Asc. is conjuct my 12th house pluto. Jupiter square Pluto. Saturn Sextile pluto. Neptune sextile Pluto.

    My life is one of continuous struggle and it is true my biggest fear is becoming a wicked, evil, cynical person as a result. This is not to say I actually exhibit any such trait, but it is where my desire often resides out of resentment(thus the fear of actual manifestation).

    The trips to hell resonate with me naturally as I literally feel it is a place I had to learn to remove myself from. I feel stronger than most when I look at how much I've overcome. Yet, at the same time more cursed than most for even having to overcome so much to begin with. It depends on whether I see things from an evolved perspective or not.

    I am very complex...not to sound weird, but I often feel I have the power of god and the devil at once. I am sure many Scorpio risings can understand., and of course, the devilish power always seems more accessible.

    I certainly have a strong and unusual presence that makes people either hate me on sight or they are strangely attracted in a sexual manner. I am often accused of seeming sexual even with it furthest from my intentions or thoughts. Rarely am I received in a friendly light-hearted fashion as I would prefer.

    All in all your article was very accurate. I like the perspective taken.

  7. Hi Anonymous thank you for visiting! Scorpio ASC conjunct 12H Pluto?..Gulp..Yes I would say you have incarnated from a from a quite difficult path.. which COULD carve from MOST' a miserable being, full of resentment, and anger. However Scorpio is death and re-birth it is process oriented. It's strength is built into one's character. To suffer, and come out on top, not being manipulated by circumstance, would be it's pleasure:) and because it's a fixed sign, it has NO desire to change. So this "Character Building" that Scorpio must endure is part of the use of this strength, I believe to be used for a much " higher cause..:)because of Scorpio's live or die attitude not much can test it's strength, so one's might be harsher than another's, simply because the universe won't give you more or less than one can take":) Uggh

  8. I've gone through many losses as a scorpio rising. I am only 21 and have lost four young people close to me one of which was someone who I believe to be one of my soulmate's in this life. I lost him to an accident about 6 months ago but since then I have seen a tremendous amount of growth in myself and have become fearless. Losing the one thing that scared you the most to lose, really propels you to search for meaning and I found it. I've found my path and I've found God. I owe it all to the loss that i've experienced.

  9. Dear Anonymous, I'm so sorry for your loss. It's not a easy Asc to have. However, what you write is the perfect example of how to use this energy. You are very evolved for your age, and are definitely on the right track to many many wonderful things in life! You have a powerful connection to all that is, and in the grand scope of things, these are all just lessons, and you will see your beloved again. Much love to you! I am very proud of you. Good job! You got this!

  10. Iam a scorpio ascendant 20 degree with pluto conjunct exact 20 what youve written ive lived pluto as well have some strong aspects however 4 sextiles from mercury,north node,moon and neptune and a square from sun which might alter its nature a bit...I must say mighty nice depiction.....destructive to self if they dont find a target but if they have aims but if they fix some goal and face their fears youve got urself a fighter

  11. Hi Murtaza! Thank you for sharing! Indeed you have a fighter at hand, and based on your configurations you are one! The north node sextile to Pluto indicates a powerful drive to fulfill your north node purpose and through trial and error you will evolve faster and more than likely reach it in this lifetime. Thanks again for sharing:)

  12. My son has Ascendant Scorpio and Pluto at 9.47 Scorpio. He lost his brother when he was in the 8th grade. He has Asperger's Syndrome to contend with all his life. A hard road indeed.

  13. Hi Harrymyhero, My heart goes out to your son. Life can definitely feel unfair, if we look at it as we only have one. However, my years of Astrology has shown me that reincarnation is real, and that we live many lives. This is why life can be so hard, because of the lessons needed for soul development. Knowing life is infinite even after death helps with issues surrounding death. It does not make it easier when I lose someone, because I miss them. But believing in reincarnation has helped a ton. Many people have their beliefs, I always say, beleive in what you want to, because it will be your truth. I have a cousin with Aspergers, there are many articles that write about people with Aspergers being Genius's and Prodigies including people like Einstein and even Bill Gates! I read a quite a few but here are just a couple:

    Quite amazing!

    Thank you dear for sharing, Much Love sent your way...

  14. Im a leo, but my ASC is scorpio and i have pluto in my 12 house, yes ive had my hard times but as i remember i have always believed that there is nothing i cant get myself through. Im a happy person i guess because im a leo or because i have my moon in Aquarius. At first i was afraid of death to the core that it would paralyse me and i would dream of devils and demons all the time. I do always feel like im out of town or dont belong, but my family is my positive. My demons dont really scare me anymore.

    1. Hi Joyce, that's interesting what you write! with Scorpio Ascendant and Pluto in the 12th your belief that there is nothing that you cannot get through yourself, Is believable and more than likely quite true. Pluto in the 12th offers powerful and even dark dreams in which you are given the opportunity to face and overcome many fears and even heal from any traumas very powerful placement for Pluto.

  15. I personally hate this placement by heart. I have a Scorpio rising/moon in Aquarius/Sun in Cancer. I also have Pluto in Scorpio and Mars in Virgo = seriousness and hard work. Life's been hard since I was born. Even my own birth was complicated as a premature with hearing impairment. As a kid i would experience rape, sexual harassment,bullies, Ghosts, physical fights, divorced parents, poor life, been experiencing paranormal for two months at 19 years old. I have PTSD due to that experience. I have been through a lot but I would love it if life could be easygoing for once. Honestly I could not even get along with most Scorpios and i find them very annoying. I wish there was something I could do to help myself. I would really love if Scorpio life isnt hard and dark. Even if itd make me stronger; I just need peace.

  16. Seems to me you are not a Scorpio Rising. When you are a Scorpio rising, life is hard EVEN when it is not OUR fault. But we still have to carry the weight regardless.... Sure we may be emotionally unstable...because of the effects of Mars and Saturn in our Birth Chart. Again, its what the universe has designated for us to be. Nothing is literally our fault if you look at the bigger picture. Like the article says : We experience betrayal, abuse or any form of negative circumstances that indulges to become that way ; because we are sensitive to our environment.But...we are the only ones who has to learn the hardest way to recover by ourselves without the help of others. Its a Scorpion thing once you have it.