Tuesday, December 11, 2012


In all of our lives, we experience opportune times and not so opportune times. Our lives may feel like no matter what we do there is no hope. Other times we feel as if there is not a mountain in the world that we can not climb. These are a result of the outer planet transits. When the harsher planets such as Pluto, Saturn and Uranus make stressful aspects to our inner planets be prepared for some major changes in our lives to take place whether we want it to or not. Ironically so... these are for our benefit and although we won't see it immediately it will eventually show us that it is something that we needed to be pushed out of or into. Saturn is known to be a royal pain in the neck when it comes to stressful aspects. Things just don't seem to come to us without having to work hard and go against many odds. Depending on where Saturn is in your natal chart and the aspects it is making to personal planets will tell you where things are about to get tough. If you have had all your ducks lined up these transits don't hurt but if you have not been prepared to work hard. These are the transits that are the most life changing and often associated with mid-life changes.

  • Saturn- square, opposition any planet adds stress to the planet and often causes struggles in the houses involved. Saturn will load you up with duties, responsibilities, people won't be as helpful, or will not appreciate your efforts during this time. Also Saturn will restrict benefits that are not hard earned but he will reward you when you have.

  • Uranus square, opposition Uranus- Will rip you right out of where you have been and put you right where you need to be. This however at first feels very uncomfortable but this is typically when you need to be YOU. The life you have been living has not been the best for you.

  • Pluto square or opposition Pluto-This feels like you have no control- things are changing quickly, undercurrents are at work and this is a long transit felt most at the begining and then again near the end. This is breaking down to rebuild. Expect to be uprooted, broken down a little but at the end you will be rebuilt into a more authentic you and these transits are for the best in the end. Motto- Let go and let be.

This transits typically happen for the second time when the individual reaches the age of 35-45. If you are feeling like the universe is pushing you and things seem to be falling apart or changing rapidly you may be experiencing one or more of these transits. If you would like to see what's actually going on and would like a reading to help you navigate to can choose from the list a forecast report on the reports page.


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