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If-you-live-your-life-as-if-everything-is-about-you.jpg (236×305)SATURN IN HARD ASPECT( SQUARE, OR OPPOSITE) TO VENUS


Saturn in hard aspect to Venus is cold terrain and a very difficult aspect to work with. Often there was a large lack of affection, love, or graciousness from those that were closest to you. You may have been heavily burdened with responsibility early on and perhaps was not well rewarded. One or both of your parents may have been demanding, or you lived with one parent as a result of a divorce and this parent had a lot on their plate. 

There also may have been a lack of money, or a lack of giving, generosity or affection early on in the home. As a result you have learned to be self reliant and independant but it has not been easy. What you may not realize is that this hardship is a result of your belief system, or perception of which was planted in early childhood through your environment. As a result you have become cut off from the ability to share,  love and appreciate love, you are not willing to make the effort to have a love relationship you may find relationships inconvenient or a burden, you might attract partners with many problems in which you have no desire in taking on. You also struggle with exposing your emotions and demand much from your partners while giving very little in return. Saturn suppresses Venus and you do not know how or care to give Venus what she needs. Love for you in accomplished by passing many tests and hard earned and over the coarse of a near lifetime. You need a partner that is willing to do all the work and tolerate what most wouldn't. 

The law of Karma is we get what we give and more of a reason why we need to give more than we get and be aware of the fact that what we give will come back to us. With this aspect you have many fears and much of what you fear happening will because we create our own reality through our belief system. Learn to give and share openly and let go of the fear of losing.  By being tight-fisted with money you are creating more lack. By cutting off love you are setting yourself up for loneliness later in life and getting cut off by those you love. By being  critical, judgmental, jealous and competitive you create rivalry with others. All of these things work against you and although you may not realize it now it will cost you a huge price later on down the road.

All the planets tend to play a part in our perspective based on experience our instinctual reactions, thoughts and our then actions create our reality. 

With Saturn every lesson is hard earned, and Saturn is harsh  For him everything is earned through hard work, this includes love and relationships along with any money earned. Nothing is free, but if you do the work you will be rewarded as hard as it may be. 

With Saturn Square Venus your perception of love, money and the things that find pleasure are tainted negatively and come through hard work only. You may feel inclined to scheme your money, or push away love but by doing both things you will reap Karma, being that Saturn is the Lord of Karma, you are best doing things by the book or ethically.

Relationships that you push away, will eventually stop coming back, money that you try desperately to hold on to by not giving will slip through your fingers through many different difficulties in your life. 

The Universe is fair, it gives you what you give, if you aren't giving anything you aren't going to get anything either. 

The law of Karma applies to all, we must overcome our negative attributes that are doing us harm by self awareness and then making the necessary changes.  

By being negative and seeing the glass half full the world looks negative and more negative things then come into your life. It really is that simple. If one is constantly passing judgments on others, or finding the negative others will then in-turn turn the critical eye to you, and speaking negatively about anyone or seeing things negatively brings about more negative circumstances to yourself. 

It is always in everyone's best interest to be positive, think positive and speak positively about others. It's important to love yourself, and to be happy with what you have. This will allow you to be secure in yourself. When one is secure they build others up they don't put them down.

Your lesson is hard and usually long, but Astrology helps because the first step to recovery is realizing you have a problem. Don't feel bad we all have our karmic debts each person is different. 

This aspect makes one critical of others, jealous of any competition, insensitive, inconsiderate, and in some cases mean or cruel.

Saturn in hard aspect to Venus, shows blockages in love and giving along with a highly critical and judgmental personality. There often is a lack of tact and the inability to be sensitive to other peoples needs.

Saturn is cold and dry which in hard aspect to any planet is similar in effect. Venus is diplomacy, tact, love and relationships, money, romance or anything that brings pleasure even things like Music, or art. Although you have a fine eye for the finer things, you tend to feel like nomatter what you accomplish or do it's good enough. There is always someone better or with more, and you need to learn to be happy with what you have and be happy for others.

The source of any of this is usually lack of self esteem and more than likely you have very good reason. But you need to take control of this aspect and learn to lighten up or it will make your life much harder and more painful than need be. 

First, Give yourself a break, the things you worry about, fear or find beneath you, are only illusions. What matters is the type of person you are, and what you offer to the world in this short lifetime. 

You can benefit greatly by studying the characteristics or traits of the Astrological sign Libra, and Taurus they are both ruled by Venus and possess the necessary traits that you lack or need. If you learn to incorporate some of the traits and find balance between them you will overcome this aspect and live a much more full and rich life. 

However, if it's feelings of fear, or unworthiness then in order for you to find the love relationship you want you will need to love yourself the way you are first. You will then attract partners with a healthy self esteem that will require work on your behalf but anyone with a strong self worth will want a relationship that is built on love, care, and respect for their time.

Saturn in hard aspect to Venus Traits:

You  can be insensitive and very demanding in love. You can be highly romantic when you want but just as easily disappear without warning or reason for long periods of time. Your relationships often break up and get back together, but never seem to solidfy into anything solid.

You often wonder why your partners are frequently angered with you and might not be aware of how insensitive and hurtful what you do is. 

If you do not work on this aspect you will often find the ones you once loved end up marrying someone else because they tire of the instability and lack of future or commitment. 

You may think that as a result of you cutting your partners off they always come back, but there is a time when this will not happen so be mindful of the fact that every time you leave or run away, you take this risk.

Unless you invest the time, energy and effort to build a relationship with the ones you want and learn to show your affections comfortably and without fear and just as well cut off the ones you have no intentions with, you will end up hopeless in love. 


For those that want love and are having a difficult time, understand that real love is earned and relationships require work, this goes for you putting in your share. 

The mirror works well, in handling most difficult aspects we can simply ask ourselves would we like the person we love to treat us in this same manner?

People with this aspect have the willpower to withdrawal for long lengths of time and this is especially true with the opposition. 

There is often a inability to earn the love of another by doing the things that bring out feelings of real love from a partner such as being kind, considerate and pleasant along with having the willingness to give as Venus naturally does. 

As a result you are bound to attract partners that suffer from self esteem issues themselves, that are willing to tolerate inconsiderate behavior, and this only makes matters worse since you have such high standards yourself and others.

Love is not a business,  it's definition is " a outgoing concern for another" which means you put in effort to care for that person.  

If you prefer to be single and there is nothing wrong with that, then this aspect will suit you well. 

However, if you prefer love, happiness and success then you will need to learn to give, be more patient, understanding and to put in effort, learn to be more compassionate and considerate but most of all give what you want in a relationship. We get what we give.

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  1. Zahara, thank you so much for this post! One of the tightest aspects in my chart is a square between my Venus in Pisces (5th) and Saturn in Gemini (8th) when I'm single I do pretty fine, but once a man begins to show interest in me is when the panic sets in. I start obsessing over my weight (I'm not even overweight) and my looks. I have the Sun-Venus-Mercury-Amor all in Pisces in the 5th house as well as Libra rising. Even when people call me "pretty" I just refuse to believe it. It's such a touch aspect for me to work with. *sigh*

    1. Hi Nicole* Sounds about right for this aspect, you know why so.... Don't be so hard on yourself! Believe me (with this aspect) you are overly critical of yourself and are likely a very pretty and polished gem! So, know this! and tell Saturn to take a hike by accepting and loving yourself just the way you are and perhaps caring less about 'what others think' this is key with this aspect. Pisces isn't the most confident sign either so you would need to work on this, "positive thinking"can go along way ! and is something we can all do more of!

  2. I have Saturn 25.44 conj IC/4th 25.27 Virgo, square Venus 1.55 Cap/6th.

    It's not a tight aspect and it's out of sign, but I feel it strongly. I feel like I have to earn (Saturn) love and affection (Venus) but I just don't feel like trying all that hard (Venus trine Mars in Virgo). Also no doubt there's a lot of heaviness bc Saturn is on my IC and opposing MC and a double whammy of Venus/Cap in the service oriented 6th house.

    A couple years ago I made the acquaintance of a man who has Venus 26 Pisces and I won't go into the whole long story right now but for all the times our paths have crossed unknowingly, I feel like I am drawn to him like a magnet or that I felt his energy before we even knew each other IRL. But I think he has known me longer than I've known of him?

    He has a super tight Venus/Saturn trine (Pisces/Cancer 26).

    Sometimes he flirts with me but I feel like he is teasing me, playing head games because he knows I want him and I am scared that if I make a move or tell him he will reject me and laugh at me. Also, he has many very attractive women around him all the time that I just cannot compete with.

    1. I'm so sorry for the long delay in answering I somehow missed this! I understand the not wanting to try it's very common with this aspect. The effort needs to be made in order to have a relationship but I find many with the aspect just don't do it. iIt often takes a Pluto transit to bring out the strong urges and desires in order to finally make a leap! I wonder if you and him have some Pluto going on or if you are experiencing a Pluto transit yourself perhaps to your Venus? Or since its been a while maybe your 5th house? there might be Sun or Venus south node connection in the synastry between you as well? Nonetheless we all have to take risks in love or the opportunity will pass us by and we end up with regrets. Fear is poison it prevents us from so much in life, don't let fear take over. Rejection is a part of life if you fear rejection then you'll never make a move and this goes for all fears of failer of any type. Let go of fear and learn to take chances and if you get what you want as a result you have to make the effort to keep it:)

  3. Thank you so much for this. It has helped me understand a friend who has Venus in Capricorn square Saturn in Libra with a 1 degree orb. When you say that these people are capable of withdrawing for long periods of time, how long are we talking? Several months, for example? Longer? And do they always return following these absences?

  4. Hi, it can be a long time it all depends, but they usually do return especially if they liked the person.

  5. I have Venus in Capricorn, 3rd house, square Saturn in Libra, 12th house. I relate very closely to this interpretation of the aspect. I think I've consciously and subconsciously avoided confident, intelligent & compassionate men because I'm afraid I'm not good enough for them. I go years staying single, or choose insecure but entertaining boyfriends whom I consider practice for the real thing. (I have occasionally gone for guys who seemed secure and caring, but they later proved otherwise, even abusive, because I ignored red flags). But now I'm 31, and my longest adult relationships have been 1.5 years. It's painful every time I read about this aspect, because I'm afraid I'll never love myself enough to avoid an abusive relationship like my mom was in. This comment is also the clearest I've been on the subject, which might be due to saturn in the 12th house, where it's effects are veiled to me. Knowing my fears and triggers, and sharing them, will help me overcome them.

  6. Hi Zahara,

    I have venus saturn opposition. I am 27 now and would like the definition of venus saturn once one matures and learned from relationships. How about after one has dealt with insecurities and low self esteem etc. ? I mean the description of Venus Saturn is very negative always but not all venus saturn people are that bad - Can we get more info on the mature/ higher level of this aspect?

    Also i think people that have it natally and who are willing to make effort and have strong jupiterian energy can learn to handle the energy eventually. Once one understands how one reactions, then why not take action to alleviate it?

    E.g. I have friends who have gone through a venus saturn transit in hard aspect and they did not have that signature in their natal chart so they expressed the more negative side of it and I remained their friend despise everything because I know people go through phases, and life can be challenging and once the transit is finish they slowly go back to their normal selves. It's not so black and white as in the definition. If I have good friends I keep them, we go through difficult periods of time together and we make it through, we support each other and the friendships gets stronger. And if it does not them maybe it means the friendship was not real to begin with. I dont believe in 'pushing friends away' so much, if they are your friends they ll give you space/room until you come back and welcome you back with open arms. The abusive relationships trait sound more like a venus pluto signature - I may be wrong but the abusers I know have venus pluto or moon pluto.

    I d love it if we can help saturn venus people to play the more positive traits; make suggestions on how to improve not just list all that s wrong about it.

    The opposite aspect would usually be venus jupiter aspect and all definition are amazing while I know a few venus jupiter people and yes, they are fun and warm but some are very self-centered and selfish too.

    Sorry if this message is too strong I would just love it if once in a while that aspect would get a bit of credit too...

    1. Hi Thank you for visiting. This is a general description of Venus in hard aspect to Saturn. It is far too much to break it down to individual charts and other planet aspects that contribute. This is purely for this aspect. Saturn is restrictions, coldness and blockage in hard aspect Venus is love, charisma, money and all things pleasant that bring us pleasure. Simply said the person would block the Venus energies whether themselves or from others. These behaviors are often unconscious and affect the person in their relationships and why the aspect is considered hurtful and negative to the individual and bringing it to the surface is what will help the most, it's up to the person to realize what role they play and how they are contributing to relationship issues, it's up to them to then make the effort based on what they learn of this aspect.

  7. Thank you for writing this post. However, what I found interesting about this article is that this aspect is supposedly harsh, critical, and judgemental but I felt all of these adjectives from the tone of this article. Astrology is meant to help, not judge others. Its true that holding a mirror to our faults is important but this article seem a bit personal and cold. Just my opinion.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I have 20 years of experience and many many clients that thank me for helping them. So Yes I have helped many. Every astrologer has a different way of delivery and what works for some doesn't work for others. It's not personal its professional observation and Yes I agree, that a mirror at the faults is very powerful and promotes self awareness, the key is to get better not reinforce only positive.. but rather negate the negative self defeating one's in a hurry.

      I would like to add the planets the universe can be very harsh, very direct and even brutal. I happen to want to help I have my own way of doing it. My origional astrology site was called Punch Astrology, a kind of blunt approach to the terrible side of astrology.

      I have a more blunt approach and you can find plenty of others that will only speak of the good, or that will paint this aspect in a softer way. I have known many with this aspect and this aspect is not singled out their are many that are detrimental. Nonetheless I appreciate your feedback.

  8. This article was well written. I've never read anything more accurate (speaking from my own saturn opposite venus) in my whole study of astrology. Thank you my soul needed to hear this read aloud.

  9. I have the venus square Saturn aspect and I always I feel like it has made me have no confidence. I have a Sagittarius sun, moon, Pluto, and mercury. And one random day I looked up the physical traits of a Sagittarius online and it said Sagittarius women aren't that attractive. And I'm also Aquarius rising and it said Aquarius women are odd looking. And have a boyish figure. That explains my long legs, slim figure which I really hate. Not to mention I have Uranus on my ascendant AND Pluto, the sun, AND moon all sextile to my ascendant and I feel like all those planets make me odd looking or something. I don't know if it's in my head. I just really hate my physical appearance. Ppl tell me all the time that I'm attractive, and that I have a nice body and sexy legs but I just don't believe it. And I think it manifests in my relationships. I had a fling with this guy two years ago and he was the first person who I had strong feelings for but he ended up going back with his ex. I'm still not over him and I haven't found a guy that met up to his standards. I had a boyfriend recently but he KEPT threatening to commit suicide if I ever left him and he tried to hinder my freedom and wouldn't give me space and a I NEED my space. So I broke up with him. I don't think my standard are too too high. I just want someone who I can be attracted to both physically and mentally. I have Venus in Capricorn AND it's in the 12th house. A double whammy. And it's conjuct to Neptune and mars and trine to my North node which is in the 7th house. Don't get me wrong. I'm not depressed or anything. But I HATE my physical appearance soo much and I feel like that's why I'm so unlovable. Lots of guys have asked me out but they weren't my type. They were either way too emotional or they were players. No one has reached my standard. Is it true that we won't find love until we're over 40 ??? Please tell me that's not true and that's just more of a personal choice. By 40 I would just give up. Do I have any hope of finding somebody before 40 ??

    1. Honey I don't know wheee you heard Sagittarius is usually not attractive Sagittarius produces some of the sexyest people! Aquarius adds a unique beauty. A wise man once said " whether you believe it to be true or not, you are right! Don't be negative what you believe of yourself is important. Believe you are beautiful and worth it because you are, not because anyone told you so but because beauty is relative and it's in the eye of the beholder which means what's beautiful to some isn't always to others and who cares anyway. Love yourself you have you until the end.

      When you love yourself you will find true love loving your Self just the way you are. Otherwise you will end up settling and not being happy or you will attract all the wrong people.

      Your not doomed to be lonely, it's a change of mindset, believe in you and love yourself for who you are.

  10. I don't know what happened with the font on this post and a few others it's all screwed up! Yikes. I'll see about this sorry guys!

  11. Thank you for this eye opener. I am dating a man who has this aspect (Venus Square Saturn) and he also has Venus Square Pluto.. Weve been in an online relationship for almost 8 mos now. We've never seen each other but the communication is so constant, we talk on the phone everyday for around 2-4 or even more hours. That's everyday, plus we message too even if were at work. He shares everything about his life, from his family up to the people that pisses him off at work, he shares his craft and his hobbies and his goals in life, he reports where he is going and what he does everyday. Sigh. He is Gemini Sun, Taurus Moon, Leo Venus and Rising. I'm Leo Sun, Pisces Moon, Virgo Venus and Gemini Rising.
    I'm considering our relationship as LDR. I don't know but is he just content in these kinds of relationship? I mean, yes, he says he wants to be with me and is asking me to move back there in the city where he is working. Plus, I havent heard any iloveyou's from him yet haha. Its ok, I mean, I have Virgo Venus and I take my time too. My 7th house is in Uranus as well. Seems were both doomed in love? Haha.
    But, what are the implications of this?

    1. its quite different for each person but there are usually blockages in giving a receiving love without seeing his chart I can't really comment because i don't know if he has other aspects that can help. However I do suggest you meet in person first! 8 months is a long time to not meet someone ! However if it working for the both of you this way then it's working it sound like you have good communication andnthat important. But without seeing the charts I can't make any assessments. Just know that long distance relationships are quite diffeeent than in person and the day to day of being together. I do wish you the best!

  12. Saturn in Sag is opposite my Venus in Gemini in 11th house. How bad is this going to get? What do I have to look forward to?

    1. I would read the post and see where you can relate. Not everyone with Saturn in hard aspect to venus will possess all the traits listed here. This covers the potentially bad to really bad. All hard aspects spell trouble, and are areas in which we need to better, we all have them. Anyone that wants to argue that Saturn is not cold or harsh probably hasn't had a Saturn hard transit. However not everyone experiences or portrays all the harshness. Other aspects to venus and Saturn along with the signs and houses play a role. However venus is diplomacy, love, beauty, care, sweet in nature and Saturn is cold he has no favorites we all suffer under Saturn hard transits. In the natal chart the person has unconscious behavior patterns that display the strict critical approach to expressing their Venusian qualities. This can be defensiveness, fear, critical behavior, judgmental, insensitive and competitive, which comes across very insecure. Much of the time it is insecurity sometimes it's selfishness. It all depends you must find out for yourself how Saturn venus is playing out in your life. Saturn does refine and it can bring about true love but you must give love to truly get love and be more sensitive to others feelings and needs. It does not mean tolerate bad behavior or treatment. Also this aspect can make one boastful about money or things in their life then they are upset when they attract people that want their money. True self with is about knowing yours and it has nothing to do with what you have or don't have but rather who you are as a person:)